China's Xinjiang to Tighten Border Security

By | Jan 10, 2017 08:18 PM EST
Xinjiang, China

Xinjiang has been under tight regulations since 2009 when riots occurred between Uighurs and Han Chinese Migrants.(Photo : Getty Images)

Following the rising trend of terror attack, China on Monday said that it is currently looking to enhance border control in the northwestern province of Xinjiang.

During the annual session of the regional People's Congress in Urumqi, the governor of Xinjiang, Shohrat Zakir, stressed that the region would improve its the entry and exit plan management, according to China Daily.

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Aniwar Turson, a lead official of the Xinjiang Kashgar prefecture, explained that the terror suspects had traveled abroad to receive training and then sneaked back into the region. Others, he added, had crossed the border to flee.

"We need to make sure not a single terrorist can get in or out of Xinjiang illegally," Turson said, adding that the move was necessary given that neighboring countries were also facing major terror threats.

Xinjiang has long been in disagreement with the Uighur Muslim community strongly because of the rules and regulations imposed by Beijing. They have also been limited with travel as strict requirements are needed to acquire a passport. The Jakarta Post reported that Xinjiang has been under tight security since 2009 when riots erupted between Uighurs and Han Chinese migrants.

Afghanistan and Pakistan are among other neighboring nations to Xinjiang. The populations in the nations share common ethnic, linguistic, and religious connection with Uighurs.

Azez Musar, an official of the Hotan Prefecture in southern Xinjiang, explained that residents should be vigilant of suspicious activities in the region and carry constant inspections along the border.

The new remarks come days after three terror suspects were killed in the region after they resisted arrest.

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