Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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United Airlines Turns Attention to Time and Technology Upgrades

United Airlines

(Photo : REUTERS)

A gloomy start of the year has prompted United Airlines to work out better on-time rates. United's arch income officer, Jim Compton, announced during an aviation gathering that the company will be taking on a new approach to planes and airports by removing 50-seat informal jets from its lineup. 

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"It is no tip that we went by a share of hurdles as we worked by a merger," Compton spoke during the annual World Route Development Forum in McCormick Place.

The event is best known as a networking affair and expo for aviation players, including officials. Attendees discuss airlines routes, as well as airport and related business concerns during the event. The event hosts around 3,000 participants coming from different sectors like tourism, airline, and aviation. The forum is on its 20th leg with the United States hosting it for the second time. 

United Airlines has been encountering problems with operations since partnering with Continental Airlines. Since the deal in 2010, the Chicago-based company has been struggling with patron use and on time schedules. These issues have also resulted to loss of corporate patrons. 

Wall Street analysts have pointed out the sluggish performance of the company posting $609 million during the start of the year. If the company can push through with its plans, then a $919 turnover is expected. 

"Our second-quarter formula were appreciative and an denote of what we devise to broach some-more of in a future," shared Compton last Sunday. 

"We're not nonetheless there, and we're not where we wish to be. But we're headed in a right direction," the official added. 

United Airlines remains the largest of its kind in Chicago with 14,000 employees handling 579 flights daily. 

Technology has been a game changing factor for many airlines, and the company hopes to deliver better results with the right investments. According to its plan, it will be adding Wi-Fi networks and charging stations. The airline sees these steps as ways to catch up with its peers. 

"Now, some-more than ever, record plays an constituent purpose in how we do and consider about a business," Compton explained. 

"Our business are perfectionist it ... they wish so most to be in control. For that to happen, we have to have a right record in a right places."

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