Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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Narendra Modi’s China Visit: Expected To Heal The Broken Bond Of Trust Between India & China

Narendra Modi’s China Visit

(Photo : Reuters) The man who is praised for his simplicity and strategic thinking will be visiting China this week.

This week, the Indian Prime Minister is all set to visit China and interact with his Chinese counterpart. Analysts claim that most talks will be based on fostering trust, stability and development in the region

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has voiced his opinion in favor of developmental projects on several occasions. The man who is praised for his simplicity and strategic thinking will be visiting China this week. While this is not the Indian premier's first foreign tour since he came to power, people are still excited to know the outcome as this is because India and China share a very delicate relationship. Though the two countries have never been close friends, their bond is extremely valuable as the growth of the Asian economy is heavily linked to the trade relationship between these two.

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Some time ago, when India signed the new strategic Indian Ocean partnership Rebuilding trust and boosting border stability with the United States of America, China clearly expressed its discontent and the relationship was strained between the two. According to the reports on Topix, the Indian Prime Minister is scheduled to visit China on Thursday. The visit will last for a duration of three days and is expected to cover several decisions regarding the initiatives to boost the trade partnership and foster the cause of development. During the trip, Modi is also expected to visit Beijing and Shanghai. After his tour in China, Modi will proceed to South Korea and Mongolia.

A news on SCMP quoting Wang Dehua, a professor of South Asian studies at the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies, said that when India signed the treaty with America, the U.S. intention of using India against China seemed pretty evident, angering the Chinese government. On this part, Modi understands the importance of maintaining the diplomatic relations and therefore will look to regain China's trust during his three day tour. 

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