Updated 2:00 PM EDT, Wed, May 20, 2020

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HTC One M8 & M9: AT&T Rolls Out Update, Quick & Easy!


(Photo : Reuters) HTC is reportedly planning to release the HTC One M10 and HTC One X9 next year.

Service provider AT&T has announced that it will be rolling out updates for the HTC One M8 and M9 phones. The updates are small and therefore will be downloaded quickly and installed easily.

According to a report on Tech Times, AT&T has introduced the patch to the "Stagefright", the latest vulnerability in Android phones that was discovered by a leading security researcher a few weeks ago. The patch or update is being circulated through air and so users are most likely to end up waiting a little longer than anticipated. However, the report reveals that users can also update the patch manually by opting for the settings menu in their mobiles. If the update is available on the mobile, it should be seen in the General Settings option. The report confirms that the patch weighs between 28 MB and 55 MB. AT&T has said that the users are advised to download the update via Wi-Fi. Additionally, users are advised to keep at least half charge while attempting the update.

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While the service providers have assured that the data or general settings of the mobile is not going to be affected while opting for the update, users are advised to take precaution and save all their media files prior to updating the device, as confirmed on the report. With regards to the update, AT&T does not reveal any concrete details. It just says that the update provides decent security improvements, as quoted in a report on Android Central.

Based on the report it is understood that Zimpremium discovered "Stagefright" where the hacker only needs the user's telephone number to hack a media file in the device. Another report on Phandroid claims that the extent to which the patch will be effective is still unclear. It also advises users to go to Zimpremium's Stagefright Detector and find out for themselves.  

Meanwhile, a report on Phandroid points out that close to fifty million users are exposed to this vulnerability and therefore the need to address it is even more important. On its part, Zimpremium has also released an app which allows smartphone users to figure out whether or not they are susceptible to the "Stagefright" attack.

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