Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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Bungie's 'Destiny' to Receive Another Major Update Early in 2016

Activision And Bungie Celebrate The Launch Of 'Destiny'

(Photo : Mat Hayward/Getty Images for Activision) Bungie's "Destiny: The Taken King" will be receiving a major update early in 2016.

Bungie's famous shooting game “Destiny” has just received a new update, but reports indicate that it will be receiving another major update in  2016.

Players of “Destiny: The Taken King” are still exploring and enjoying a new major December patch. However, it appears that Bungie plans to release another major update, based on what the game developer has said.

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Eric Osborne, Bungie's marketing director, wrote in a company blog post that they have long-term plans which will include a major update early in 2016. He explained that it will be on a scale possibly as big as the Festival of the Lost game event.

He said that another development to be released early next year will be larger than any player has seen since the release of The Taken King, which has been out a few months ago. He added that more significant updates will be coming to the famous game's sandbox – the term Bungie uses in naming every item that directly interacts with players.

Although Osborne did not give exact details regarding the upcoming major update's scope, game news outlet Games Radar reported that Bungie's planned updates will cover everything that the players can touch, such as events, activities, content, and various features.

Additionally, it is reported that the Director will be receiving significant changes and tweaks as well. The Director is the game's feature that allows players to have control of almost everything in the game, from map selections to activity parameters.

Osborne also said in the blog that they are currently working on “fun stuff that's still in development.” He added that Year Two's new content will come in the form of timed events. Fans will just have to wait for that.

Although details aren't clear as of now, fans can rest assured that Bungie is working on a lot of surprises that will make players happy. Osborne said that although he would want to spill the beans as early as now, the development team is still working, and revealing details too early will not be good.

Anyway, Destiny players still have the new Update 2.1.0 to enjoy as they wait.

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