Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Chinese Company to Import Russian Service Assistant Robots

Robots i n China.

(Photo : GETTY IMAGES) Two 70 thousand RMB (about 11,310 USD) robots carry dishes and offer service for customers at a robot themed restaurant at Chunxi Road on December 11, 2014 in Chengdu, China. A restaurant at Chunxi Road in Chengdu has adopted 10 robots to serve as waiters. Each robot can carry simple dishes and offer simple greetings.

At least 100 Russian service robots will enter China in 2017 once a deal between Chinese company Keysi Microelectronics Ltd. and Russian technology startup PromoBot is finalized.  

Service robots' are slowly replacing manpower in jobs that are dirty, dangerous, and repetitive - such as household chores. Some of these robots can even speak Chinese despite being manufactured in Russia. 

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"Our robots have the highest degree of autonomy of all the solutions presented in the current global market. Our robots can recognize human voice in the presence of other noise. It can also recognize a person even in complete darkness," Oleg Kivokurtsev, co-founder of PromoBot, told Sputnik News.

Oleg said that their robots have the most powerful linguistic basis that allows them to converse in different languages, including Chinese. The robots can also respond to questions using a voice synthesizer and can remember the people that it talked to. 

"The service robots, in a crowd, can help visitors to orientate and offer advice. It can also work as a guide in museums and collect information about customers in shopping malls," Oleg said.

Keysi Microelectronics' first batch of order earlier this year included nine service robots. Five of which are already assisting people in a Chinese mall in Hangzhou, Eastern China, while the other four will be deployed to large shopping mals in Hangzhou. 

"Despite the high technical performance, the robots cost only $10,000 (¥65,000) each, five times lower than that of any foreign counterparts," Oleg said. 

The company is reportedly interested in working out a joint venture to build the robot in China. 

PromoBot is not worried about illegal replications of their robots' software as it was built to be copy-proof. Should another company choose to replicate its software, they have to build it from scratch. 

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