Kris Wu Criticized After Being Photographed 'Smoking'

| Jan 24, 2015 02:16 AM EST

Wu Yi Fan, otherwise known as Kris Wu, has recently been under fire after being photographed in a restaurant with a friend, allegedly smoking a cigarette despite his rumored poor health condition.

Last January 20, Tuesday, a photo of Wu, allegedly smoking, was uploaded online by a netizen, sparking controversy and criticisms against the singer-actor. In said photo, the former EXO member could be seen sitting with a friend in a restaurant while holding what is said to be a stick of cigarette on his left hand.

The photo went viral within minutes of its release and has caused outrage among his fans and netizens. According to media reports, Wu's choice to smoke is not what set his fans off as he is of legal age and could do as he pleases. However, the significance of the photo is said to come from the fact that when he filed his lawsuit against SM Entertainment, his former talent outfit, he has given proof in his medical records that he is suspected to be suffering from myocarditis, a severe condition that involves the heart. In addition, the 24-year old former idol cited this condition as a proof that he has been overworked by the company.

Speculations say that Wu is being currently bashed by his supporters and critiques alike because he chose to smoke despite of his health condition. Others have also commented that there is a possibility that the former EXO member has lied about his condition.

On the other hand, there are still those who believe that Wu is not smoking in the photo, but was holding the stylus pen for his mobile phone.

Wu has not yet stepped forth to clarify the issue.

On related news, it has been reported that despite going through the court-recommended mediation with SM Entertainment for the third time earlier this month, Wu's camp has not reached an amiable agreement with the representatives of the talent agency.

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