Recording and Playback of Thoughts, Dreams, and Memories Now Possible

| Sep 02, 2014 10:21 PM EDT

Thought recording now possible

Scientists at an American neuroscience technology company have devised a way to record and playback dreams, thoughts, ideas and memories.

They do this by recording the resting magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) state in a person's brain.

The technology was developed by Millennium Magnetic Technologies (MMT), a firm based in Connecticut. The company says it offers disruptive patented specialty neuro imaging and testing services in a range of therapeutic/diagnostic areas including thought/dream recording/"mind reading"

Founder and Chief Science Officer Dr. Donald Marks calls their "mind reading process" the "Cognitive Engram Technology."

He says this technology allows them to record brain patters and correlate them to thoughts and emotions for future reference. These recordings are private and are only for the use of only one person.

The company also creates an archive of the user's DNA set and stores it with the user's memories.

Dr. Marks came up with the idea for this technology back in 2003. He read a paper which said a specific image in an MRI, for example a chair, activates certain brain patterns.

Dr. Marks took the idea and shifted it to identifying different faces. True enough, different faces activated different brain patterns.

He went a step further by scanning the brain through resting state MRI, which allows for scans to be made without picture stimulation. Thoughts could be reconstructed from the data gathered in the resting state.

"It is the process of recognizing activation patterns in the brain and identifying what thoughts are associated with them," he said.

While the recording of dreams and thoughts has been successful, the playback hasn't been as successful. Playbacks are grainy, he said.

He is optimistic the visual reconstruction of these recorded thoughts and dreams will improve over the years, just as television did.

Currently, the service is priced at US $1,200.

While the price may seem steep, Dr. Marks argues that once a person has availed of these services, his dreams, memories, thoughts will be his forever.

Dr. Marks is aiming this service at people who are worried their memories might fade or disappear.

He says that the current means of recording an event -- writing, recording -- are quite different from actually being there.

This service will allow people to feel what they felt at the time of the stored memory or dream.

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