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South China Sea

China seeks Revision in Maritime Laws.

China seeks Revision in Maritime Laws for Getting More Control on Foreign Submersibles

China is seriously mulling to bring major changes in its maritime regulations in a bid to enhance the maritime safety. As per the new proposals, foreign submersibles will now have to travel on surface when travelling on Chinese waters.


US Weighing 'Actions Short of War' to Punish China for Building Man-made Islands in South China Sea

They claim that if China doesn't recognize another country's rights to freedom of the seas, that country has the right to restrict China's freedom in return.

Confrontation drills

China’s Navy Holding ‘Confrontation Drills’ at Disputed Paracel and Spratly Islands

PLAN said this far-sea training is a routine arrangement in accordance with its annual plan.

Protected by SAMs

China Strengthening Defenses of Military Outposts in Paracel Islands

And Woody Island, the largest island in the Paracels, has HQ-9 surface-to-air missile batteries.

  Closer to war

Dangerous Escalation: US Navy will Sail its Warships Closer to China’s Man-Made Islands in South China Sea

Such a provocative move will be a dangerous new challenge to Chinese territorial claims.

To Australia

USAF F-22 Raptors Begin Training for Combat against China in Australia

The F-22s will conduct integrated training with Royal Australian Air Force.

Mindless obedience

People's Liberation Army says it Won’t Back Away from a War against the United States

The op-ed suggested the U.S. focus on its domestic issues instead of "interfering elsewhere" if it wishes to become "great again."

Philippines' defense secretary believes that China will likely built a reef on Scarborough Shoal in South China Sea.

China Likely to Build More Islands Near Philippine Coast: Defense Minister

China will likely try to build a reef on the Philippines' coast, Delfin Lorenzana, Manila's defense secretary, said in an interview on Tuesday.

China Refits Aircraft Carrier

China's Second Aircraft Carrier 'Shangdong' is Taking Shape

China is making progress with the production of its second aircraft carrier, UPI reported, showing photos of the vessel's ongoing construction in the port city of Dalian.

Epicenter for war

China Says it Doesn’t Want a War Against the US

"Both will lose and both sides cannot afford that."

Waiting for more

Lack of Secure Home Ports Spells Disaster for China’s Aircraft Carriers

This restriction also means the U.S. Navy won't have a difficult time finding and attacking the few major naval bases operated by PLAN.

Air power

China’s Utter Defeat in a War vs the US Might Trigger Civil War in China and Destruction of the Communist Party

PLA is the armed forces of the CPC and not the Chinese state.


Mattis Focusing More US military Power to Ensure Defeat of China in the Coming War

Mattis once said China must be denied "veto power" over the territorial claims, security and economic conditions in the Pacific.

US Remains Top Military Threat to China

US Remains the Top Military Threat to China

The United States remains the No.1 military threat to China followed by North Korea, according to a report released by China's armed forces, the People's Liberation Army (PLA).

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Visits China

Philippines' Duterte Asks China to Patrol International Waters to Stop Kidnappings, Piracy

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte asked China on Tuesday to dispatch sea patrols to help stop Islamic State militants from abducting sailors and attacking vessels.

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