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Benjie Batanes

Donald Trump

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Wants to Ban Muslims From Entering the U.S.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump issued a press release on Monday calling for a ban of all Muslims from coming to the U.S. The statement has since been denounced by presidential candidates from the Republican and Democratic party as well as the White House.


#Aldub: A Philippine TV and Global Social Media Phenomenon – What Made It a Success?

On October 24, an online couple popularly known as #AlDub show finally met in person. The event generated a world breaking record of more than 41 million tweets in less than a day from their fans who watched their face-to-face meeting. A lot of experts have been baffled about how a simple television skit could garners so much social media attention.


China to Soon Have Own Version of Pentagon's MAHEM Rail Gun

A recent report claims that China may be several years away from developing a rail gun warhead of its own. The Chinese design is reportedly based on MAHEM, which is secretly being developed for the Pentagon.

China Coal Pollution

China Announces Plan to Improve Efficiency of Coal Plants to Reduce Pollution

The Chinese central government has announced on December 2 that it will start taking steps to improve the efficiency of coal plants in order to reduce their level of pollution by around 60 percent. Environmental regulators estimate that as much as 180 million metric tons of carbon dioxide produced by the nation's coal plants could be eliminated in the next five years.

Overweight couple

Massively Overweight Chinese Couple Start Weight Loss Program to Have Kids

A Chinese couple who have a combined weight of around 400 kilograms have decided to undergo a weight loss program. The two are now staying at a Jilin hospital in the north eastern part of China to start their treatment.

Wi-Fi Electro-hypersensitivity disorder

British Teenager Commits Suicide Due to Wi-Fi Allergies, According to Parents

A British teenager committed suicide in June of this year by hanging herself on a tree. A court hearing has recently been held to find out if her reportedly allergic reaction to Wi-Fi drove the school girl to kill herself.


Yahoo Stocks Rise on Possibility That Company May Sell Most of its Main Assets

Share prices of Yahoo rose by more than 5 to 7 percent on Tuesday's after hours trading due to a recent media report that claims the Yahoo board is mulling plans to sell its main assets.

Adobe Flash

Adobe Finally Acknowledges Defeat of its Flash by HTML 5

On Monday evening, Adobe issued an online statement effectively telling its Flash developers to use the HTML 5 instead. This admission simply confirms the growing popularity of HTML 5 over its product.

Beijing smog pollution

Beijing's Smog Pollution Worsens: School Children Told to Stay Indoors

Beijing's air pollution has gotten so bad this week that city officials have told school children to stay indoors. The capital has been on "orange alert" since Sunday due to the air pollution, which is 3,500 percent above the World Health Organization (WHO) safety standards.

Nokia Camera

Nokia Unveils OZO – Virtual Reality Camera With $60,000 Price Tag

Nokia on Tuesday presented the general public with a high tech virtual camera called OZO, which costs at least $60,000. This is the Finnish company's first major product outside its cell phone business.

Apple iPhone

Apple to Release Thinner iPhones Without 3.5mm Headphone Jack: Rumor

A Japanese tech blog claims that Apple may soon release a thinner iPhone sans the 3.5mm standard headphone jack. The upcoming new iPhone models may become available to consumers by next year.

China,Philippines,South China Sea,

Philippines Accuses China of Trying to 'Physically Expel' Filipinos from South China Sea

The Philippine legal representatives at the Hague International Arbitration Court this week accused China of bullying and trying to physically expel its citizens from the disputed parts of the South China Sea. Beijing has refused to participate in the court proceedings and insists on bilateral negotiations instead to settle the dispute between the two countries.

Fast Radio Burst

'Radio Bursts' Picked by Astronomers Suggest Possibility of Aliens Attempting to Communicate

Australian astronomers in New South Wales announced recently that they are currently trying to decipher a number of radio signals that could possibly be alien in origin. One of the unidentified transmissions is known as a “double signal” fueling further speculations that extra terrestrials are trying to call Earth.

Hong Kong Passport

Pro-Independence Hong Kong Citizens Use Passport Stickers to Voice Their Sentiments

A number of pro-independent Hong Kong citizens have started placing stickers on top of their passports to hide the Communist China emblem. The idea was inspired by some Taiwanese who did the same with their passport to show their support for an independent Taiwan.

Remote Play PC

PC App that Will Allow Gamers Play PS4 Games Soon to be Released

An independent software developer revealed on Tuesday that he will soon release an app, called Remote Play PC, which will allow players to port their PS4 games to a personal computer. The app is not free though, the blogger is charging at least $10 for anyone interested to acquire such app.

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