Global Tourism Industry Might Decrease By Over 50% Caused By The Pandemic

Due to the coronavirus, people around the world have canceled their travel plans. Governments and ... read more

McDonald’s China Apologizes For Racist Practices In One Of Stores

McDonald's China apologies to the public after one of its restaurants banned black people from ... read more

Tips On Long-Term Car Storage Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

The goal of everybody today is to put an end to the coronavirus that has affected every aspect of ... read more

Hard To Make Difficult Decisions Due to Scarcer Of The Medical Supplies As Coronavirus Spikes

All healthcare resources are limited – staff, equipment, drugs, space and time can all run out. And these resources become even scarcer in cases of unprecedented demand, such as with COVID-19. read more

4 Advices Company Can Take To Support Their Employees Amid COVID-19 Disaster

The coronavirus pandemic has forced tens of millions of employees across the U.S. to work from home. read more

One More Dog Tested as COVID-19 Positive, Confirmed by Hong Kong Officials

Several days following its death, the authorities have once again announced another dog that was tested positive of it. read more

China Pork Prices Expected to Stabilize As The Supplies Recover

China's top economic regulator expects the national pork prices to stabilize in the coming months as the country's hog production capacity and supply steadily recover. read more

Chinese Inspirational Quotes About Love

Chinese Inspirational Quotes About Love read more

How Chinese and American Gambling Laws Compare

It's no secret that China and America are two of the most contrasting countries on the planet. Yet, when it comes to their stance on gambling and gambling regulation they are surprisingly similar in ... read more

Crystal Bus Serves Michelin-Star Dimsum in Hong Kong Tour

The Crystal Bus in Hong Kong is currently making waves in the Internet for serving Michelin-star dim sum dishes while showing off to tourists the magnificence of the city, reports. The ... read more

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