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Christian George Acevedo

Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi

Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi Celebrate Their Wedding in Wuhan With Their Elderly Relatives

Mainland Chinese celebrities Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi celebrated their wedding their families in Wuhan last July 26.

Janice Man is happy that Angelababy has been a part of her life, even if they have drifted apart.

Janice Man Explains Why She and Angelababy Drifted Apart

Janice Man and Angelababy, once the best of friends and virtually inseparable, are now estranged from one another.

Donald Trump

Hong Kong Keeps Wary eye on Trump's bid for Presidency

Hong Kong is keeping its eye on American politics, knowing that a victory for Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump could affect Asian economies with Hong Kong among the most susceptible, analysts said.


Lenovo Partners with to Push Online Sales

Lenovo Group, the world's biggest supplier of PCs, has inked a deal with e-commerce website in a bid to boost its online sales., China's second-largest online retailer, recently debuted in Forbes 500 as the first Chinese online e-commerce firm to make it to the prestigious list.

Yahoo! will hold on to its Alibaba shares.

Yahoo! to Hold on to its Alibaba Stake

With the impending sale of Yahoo's core assets, the internet giant's last remaining crown jewel is its valuable stake in Alibaba. The company has a 15 percent stake in the Chinese e-commerce firm, not to mention its 35.5 percent stake in Yahoo Japan, which it co-owns with Japan's Softbank. The assets total $40 billion and will be held by the residual firm known for the meantime as Remain Co.

Chinese Online Retailer debuts on Forbes 500. Makes it to Fortune 500; Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu Fail to Land a Spot

E-commerce website has debuted as the first Chinese internet firm on the Fortune 500 list. Surprisingly, China's top three Internet companies, Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu, failed to make it to the list, a proof that the list favors revenue over the company's actual value. In fact, a company's business model may have a significant effect on its revenue generation and in the valuation of its true worth.

Oppo overtakes Huawei and Apple as China's best-selling smartphone.

Oppo Overtakes Huawei as China's Best-selling Smartphone

Oppo is becoming a force to reckon with in the smartphone market after overtaking Huawei and Apple as China's best-selling smartphone. Data provided by Counterpoint Technology Market Research have revealed that the smartphone maker now controls 22.9 percent of the market, an increase of 337% annually from June last year.

Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy

Marriage Taught Huang Xiaoming to Apologize

Marriage has had a positive effect on the character of Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming. In fact, it is through marriage that he learned how to apologize.


Huawei Amps Competition With Apple and Samsung as Sales Jump by 40 Percent

Huawei Technologies, China's biggest smartphone maker, has seen revenue increase by 40 percent in the first half of 2016. The company earned 245.5 billion yuan ($36.6 billion), narrowing the gap between industry leaders, Samsung and Apple.

Dalian Wanda Group.

Chinese Investments in US Reaches Record $18.4 Billion in First Half of 2016

Chinese investments in the U.S. reached an all-time high of $18.4 billion in the first half of 2016. This is more than triple the amount of investments poured into the American market in the first half of 2015, a statement by Rhodium Group said.

In 2015, Anthony Wong, together with Nancy Wu, earned the top acting prizes during the TVB Anniversary Awards.

Despite Career Slump, Anthony Wong Remains Positive

Anthony Wong has apparently passed the peak of his motion picture career and admitted that at his age, he is seeing fewer movie roles landing on his lap.

Ruco Chan Brings Home the

Ruco Chan was Late on "Burning Hands" Celebrations Because He Had to Take His Dog to the Vet

Chinese actor Ruco Chan now has more time to spend with his pet dog after completing shooting for the TVB drama "Burning Hands." The actor reportedly arrived late to a celebration of the completion of the shooting for "Burning Hands" because he had to take his pet to the veterinarian.

Michelle Chen ties the knot with Xiao Chen.

Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao Hold Lavish Wedding Banquet in Beijing

Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao are celebrating their wedding banquets in three different locations: Beijing, Taiwan, and Anhui. The couple registered their marriage early in July, but their celebrations will probably continue until their first child is born.

Chinese journalist He Yani spent 15 years in the countryside to document the activities of the Mangxuandui, a troupe of ethnic Chinese musicians.

Former TV Host Spends 15 Years Documenting the Lives of Ethnic Musicians

Former Chinese TV host He Yani is enjoying a resurgence in popularity after spending 15 years recording the Mangxuandi, also known as a group of blind musicians, in Shanxi Province.

Chow Yun Fat at The 5th Asian Film Awards

Chow Yun-Fat to Take a Break From Acting to Enjoy More in Life

Iconic Chinese actor Chow Yun-fat has said that he would be taking a break from acting for the remainder of 2016 so that he can enjoy a long winter break and "have fun."

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