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David Perry

Yang Teng

Gay Man Wins Suit Against Chinese 'Ex-Gay' Clinic

A Chinese "ex-gay" conversation clinic has been ordered to pay compensation to a gay man for administering electroshock therapy as a way to convert the man from homosexual to heterosexual.


Atrocities Continue, But Darfur War Crimes Investigation 'Shelved'

Citing a lack of willingness to pursue the indicted parties, on Friday the International Criminal Court's prosecutor she had shelved an investigation into war crimes in Sudan's Darfur region.


U.S., Korean Scientists Create 'Cyborg Skin'

A joint project between scientists in the U.S. and South Korea has produced an artificial membrane capable of mimicking sensory input similar to biological skin.


Newly Discovered State of Matter Could Be Used for Quantum Computers

University of Michigan scientists have recently identified an exotic state of matter that could help create a new generation of quantum computers.

China Sea Wall

Scientists Warn China's New 'Great Wall' Is Anything But

Heralded as China's second Great Wall, a vast seawall running more than half of the nation's coastline has created a firestorm of protest from leading ecologists worldwide.

'Black Widow' Killer Arrested In Japan

Japan has been gripped by the sensational case of a millionairess who amassed her fortune by allegedly killing her husbands and romantic interests over the course of 20 years.

China crops

China's Plant Diversity Critical To Global Food Supply

Several models show that increased temperatures will render several grain-growing regions unable to generate the crop yields of today.


Bubonic Plague Kills 40 in Madagascar

An outbreak of bubonic plague on the African island nation of Madagascar has killed 40 people since the initial outbreak began in August.

Food Donation Bin for Walmart Employees Seen Outside OKC Storefront

U.S. retail giant Walmart has drawn the ire of consumer advocates when a store in Oklahoma put out a food collection bin asking visitors to donate food to Wal-Mart employees.


Seven U.S. Blue Chips Pay More to CEOs than They Pay in Taxes

The companies cited were quick to point out that whatever their salary policies were, they still were in line with with law and paid the IRS what they owed.

Bird flu

Bird Flu Kills Two In Egypt

Egypt registered its second recorded death from bird flu, now identified as the H5N1 variant.


Hunter Kills "Unicorn" in Slovenia

A hunter in Slovenia made headlines across the globe when it was discovered one of his kills was a unicorn. At least it was sort of a unicorn.

India women

Indian Sterilization Program Kills Nine, Sickens 64

Many women quietly opt for sterilization rather than refuse the sexual advances of their husbands.


LGBT Veterans Still Denied Benefits

The United States Department of Veteran Affairs came under harsh criticism for continuing to deny federal benefits to legally married LGBT veterans and their partners.

HL Tauri

Startling Photos Show Formation Of Solar System

Scientists in Chile have captured the most detailed photo yet of the birth of a planetary system outside of our own.

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