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ferguson police

Discovery Of Racist Emails Forced Two Ferguson Officers To Quit, Court Employee Sacked

A Department of Justice report that tackled racist email exchanges between members of the Ferguson, Missouri police and local court officials, led to the resignation of two police officers and the sacking of a court clerk.

Boston Marathon Bombing

Boston Marathon Bombing Trial: Prosecution Scores Early; Should Defense Change Its Strategy?

The camp of accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is facing an uphill battle as the trial entered its second day.

hillary clinton

Rocking The Boat: Democrats Looking For Options Amid Clinton Controversies

For some Democratic activists, the controversies including foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation and use of her private email address to do official business seemed to be raising concerns about her openness, sincerity and ethics. These have led them to look for other options for 2016.

Delta Airlines

Delta Plane skids off New York Airport Runway, Crashes Into Fence

A Delta Air Lines plane skidded off the runway at New York's La Guardia Airport in the midst of a snowstorm Thursday.

Smoke On American Airlines Flight Forces Passengers To Use Emergency Slides Upon Landing

Passengers onboard an American Airlines flight were forced to exit the plane through emergency slides after smoke was detected inside the aircraft on Wednesday.

new york muslims

New York Adds Two Muslim Holidays To School Calendar

New York City has just added two Muslim holidays to its school calendar, making it the biggest and one of the few districts that observe Islamic holy days.

hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton: I Want The Public To See My Email

After days of silence, U.S. Democrat Hillary Clinton has finally spoken up on the controversial issue involving her private email account allegedly used for official business during her stint as secretary of state.

American Teen Brushes With Death After Being Rejected By Chinese Woman

Frozen and almost lifeless, that was how an American teen was found lying near China's Xu River after getting dumped by a woman he fell in love with online.

china winter training

Chinese Soldiers Enhance Defense Capabilities In Sub-Zero Training

Endurance, agility and discipline - three characteristics China wants its soldiers to possess as it conducts sub-zero training in the northern region bordering Russia.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Defense Stuns Court With Admission Of Guilt In Boston Marathon Bombing Trial

The Boston Marathon bombing trial has begun with the defense team shocking the court with a candid statement saying their client, accused bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, committed the crime.

Ukraine coal mine blast

Blast At Coal Mine In War-Torn Donetsk Leaves 1 Dead, Dozens Missing

A coal mine explosion in Eastern Ukraine has left at least one miner dead, over a dozen injured and 32 others missing on Wednesday.

asiana airlines crash

Asiana Airlines, Passengers Reach Settlement for 2013 Crash

Asiana Airlines and the more than 70 passengers onboard Flight 214 that crashed in San Francisco in 2013 have agreed to a settlement on Tuesday.


Nobel Peace Prize Names Replacement of Demoted Chairman

The Nobel Peace Prize committee has demoted its chairman, former Norwegian Prime Minister Thorbjoern Jagland, a first in the history of the century-old award giving body.

gay marriage alabama

Alabama Supreme Court Orders Judges To Stop Issuing Licenses For Gay Couples

The battle in Alabama's same-sex marriages rages on as the state's Supreme Court ordered on Tuesday all probate judges to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Toronto Tunnel

Toronto Tunnel Mystery: Men Who Built Man Cave Just Want To Have Fun

Case closed. The Toronto police has concluded its probe into the mysterious 30-ft tunnel found in the woods near York University.

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