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Hao Ren

China’s Luxury Cruise Industry Seen to Hit 33% Annual Growth

China's Ministry of Transport is bullish over the growth of its cruise industry and sees a 33 percent annual growth by 2020 with over 4.5 million domestic tourists exploring and visiting Asian destinations.

China's Premier Li Calls for Deeper Medical Reforms

Premier Li Keqiang calls on China's medical industry to implement "deeper" reforms and eliminate any obstacles to its success, so that every Chinese citizen shall have access to better health care, affordable medicines and can be assured of better doctor-patient relations.

China Issues New Stocks Information Plan

In an anticipated bid to introduce a new type of stocks in the market, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) released a new guideline in the disclosure of information for 'preferred stocks.'

Confucius Statue Unveiled in Japan

A bronze statue of Confucius from the 'Spring and Autumn' period in Chinese history was unveiled at a Chinese language school in the city of Osaka, Japan on Monday, a joint project of the Shanghai-based International Studies University and the Sangyo University of Osaka.

China's LGBT Rise to British Prime Minister's Tweet

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community in China praised Prime Minister David Cameron's thoughts on gay marriage, making it a top trending topic on Weibo with 7,000 reactions and over 17,000 reposts.

Third Round of Discipline Inspections for Party Members Begin

As part of the commitment of President Xi Jinping to end corruption when he assumed office in October, the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party will begin a new series of discipline inspections to reveal any possible acts of corruption and abuse of power.

Rail Tunnel Construction Collapses Trapping 12 Workers

Twelve construction workers digging up a tunnel for a high-speed railway near Changchun, capital of Jilin province, were trapped when the work site collapsed on Wednesday morning.

Purchasing Manager’s Index Shows Mild Improvement

A very slight increase of 0.10 to China's Purchasing manager's Index (PMI) from February to March is seen as a positive indicator on attaining the projected annual growth target of 7.5% for this year.

Maoming Petro Chemical Plant on Hold

The municipal government of Maoming in the southern region of Guangdong province is inclined not to approve the construction of a petrochemical plant if majority of the residents do not approve.

State Council Issues Guidelines on Transparency

China's State Council has released guidelines that aim to improve transparency in various areas, particularly on issues concerning land use and environmental protection.

Liu Han on Trial: Taipan or Mafia Leader?

Businessman and former mining tycoon Liu Han faced trial for the first time at a court in Xianning, Sichuan province for fifteen counts of crimes ranging from illegal detention, assault and murder.

Huawei Aims for US$70 Billion Sales in 2018

China's largest telecommunications equipment supplier and services firm, Shenzhen-based Huawei Technologies, reports a whooping 34 percent increase in profits last year with goals to double the profits by 2018.

China to Help Secure Cyberspace

China concurred with the position of the United States on the need for nations to secure cyberspace. Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Hong Lei said this is essential for socio-economic development and the wellness of mankind.

China Real Estate Development Enters Cool Down Phase

China's real estate sector is showing signs of a major slowdown as several completed and on-going projects are slashing down prices.

China to Open New Consulate in Dusseldorf

In order to further boost the already dynamic relations of China and Germany, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced on Saturday before leaving Germany for Belgium that a consulate general's office will be opened in Dusseldorf in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).

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