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China Air Pollution

China Develops Unified Standards to Monitor and Curb Air Pollution

China needs to put in place a set of unified standards to effectively monitor and curb air pollution across the country.

Shanghai smoking ban

Shanghai Enforces Stricter Smoking Ban in Public Place

Shanghai officials have recently implemented a more comprehensive smoking ban that would cover all indoor public venues and work places across the city.

Wang underscored that China values the importance of freedom of navigation in the South China Sea.

China Vows to Ensure Freedom of Navigation in South China Sea

There is no need to gloss over the issue of freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, as there is "much ado about nothing."

China Steel Coal Capacity Reduction

China Aggressively Pursues Goal of Hitting its Steel and Coal Capacity Reduction Targets

China aims to hit its steel and coal capacity reduction targets for this year, as the country aims to sustain the momentum of the structural reforms it initiated last year.

China Anti-Money Laundering

China Strengthens Anti-Money Laundering Regulations

As China further strengthens its anti-money laundering regulations, authorities have committed to increasing coordination among themselves as they go after underground banks that are conducting illegal operations.

China-Italy Relations

Improved China-Italy Relations to Focus on Culture, Innovation & More

China-Italy relations received a major boost as the two countries signed 13 cooperative agreements which included scientific and cultural innovation plans.

Chian Economy

China’s Economy Seen to Stabilize; Gains Momentum for 2017

China's economy is expected to maintain an "L shape," and may later transition from a steep drop to a relatively steady one.

China Economic Reforms (Flickr)

China Seen to Strengthen Economic Reforms

China will continue to implement more economic reforms through its proactive financial and monetary policies.

Chinese Law Minimum Detention Age

Amendments to Chinese Law on Minimum Detention Age Proposed

A draft Chinese law that aims to lower the minimum detention age for citizens who have been held for non-criminal offenses has received mixed reactions from experts regarding its provisions.

Chinese Migrant Workers

Opportunities Abound for Chinese Migrant Workers in Homeland

The prospects are looking bright for Chinese migrant workers as more benefits are being offered to them by companies who are in need of good labor.

China-EU Bilateral Investment Treaty

China: Scrap Protectionism to Ensure Success of China-EU Bilateral Investment Treaty

The Chinese government has asked the European Union to do away with trade protectionism to ensure the success of the China-EU Bilateral Investment Treaty.

China GDP

China’s GDP Target for 2017 on Track

A leading international financial institution is confident that China will be able to achieve its target GDP this year notwithstanding the challenges facing the global economy.

One China Policy

Beijing to India: Adhere to One China Policy

Beijing has called on the Indian government to honor the One China Policy and conduct its foreign policy in line with China’s core interests.

China Belt and Road Initiative

China’s Belt and Road Initiative Needs to be Protected From Terror Threats

China has appealed to the international community to help protect key infrastructure within the Belt and Road initiative.

Chinese actors

More Chinese People Want to Become Actors

China is expected to produce more actors in the coming years and this would provide a boost to the country's showbiz industry.

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