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Kat De Guzman

Chancellor George Osborne & IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde Speak At Chatham House

Britian's new PM Theresa May's Approach to Chinese Investment Could Lead to Treasury Minister Jim O'Neill's Resignation: Source

The approach of British Prime Minister Theresa May to Chinese investment could lead to British Treasury Minister Jim O'Neill quitting his post.


Didi Chuxing, Uber can now Operate Legally in China; new Law to Take Effect in November

Days after investors revealed that they want Uber and Didi Chuxing to reach a sort of partnership agreement in China, the country has announced a new law that makes ride-hailing services legal in the country.

Great Wall of China

China to Investigate Disintegrating Parts of the Great Wall, Less Than 10 Percent of Structure is Well Preserved

China is set to start assessing the level of damage to the Great Wall. At the moment, less than 10 percent of one of the Seven Wonders of the World is considered to be well-preserved.

Japan Knife Attack

Japan Knife Attack: 19 Dead at Care Home for People With Disabilities; Suspect was Fired From Facility

Nineteen people have been confirmed dead, and 26 more are injured after a knife-wielding man attacked people at a care home for people with disabilities. The attacker had reportedly been fired from the facility.

Chinese Workers

Mass Unemployment, Strikes Becoming a Problem in China

China is grappling to deal with the growing mass unemployment and strikes amid the county's economic slowdown.

Tiger in Beijing

China Wildlife Park Tragedy: 1 Woman Dead, Another Injured After Being Attacked by Tigers [VIDEO]

A woman was mauled to death and another sustained injuries after being attacked by tigers at a wildlife park in Beijing on Saturday, July 23.


Uber Backers Claim Ride-Hailing Company Made Deals With Didi, But Chinese Company Denies Ties

Investors in Uber Technologies Inc. have reportedly revealed that deals are being made between the U.S. ride-hailing giant and its counterpart in China, Didi Chuxing.

Shanghai Railway Station

Huge Billboards in China Used to Display Names of Debtors Instead of Advertisements [VIDEO]

Chinese debt collectors have come up with a unique way of identifying debtors and reminding them of their debts. Huge billboards in the country are being used to display the names and addresses of these people.

Kiko Mizuhara

U.S.-Japanese Actress Kiko Mizuhara Apologizes to China in 5-Minute Long Video

Japanese-American model and actress Kiko Mizuhara took to her Sina Weibo account to apologize via a video to Chinese netizens after she was accused of displaying anti-China statements sentiments.

Kashmir violent clashes

Peaceful Settlement Urged in Kashmir as China Worries Over Deadly Clashes

China has commented on the escalating violent clashes in Kashmir, urging residents to resolve their dispute peacefully.

Typhoon Nepartak Hits China's Fujian Province

Typhoon Nepartak News Update: 83 Dead, 19 Missing in Chinese Province Fujian

The bad weather in China continues. Typhoon Nepartak reportedly affected Fujian province the worst, leaving 83 dead and 19 people missing.

Nanny and children

Minnesota Woman Charged for Beating, Starving, and Treating Chinese Nanny Like Slave

A Minnesota woman has been charged with treating a Chinese woman he brought to the United States to work as a nanny as a slave. The victim was reportedly starved, beaten and forced to work up to 18 hours daily.

Pigs in China

Viral Photos of Farmers Distressed Trying to Save Their Pigs Causes Rescuers to Visit Farm and Help Animals

A rescue operation was conducted after photos of two farmers looking distressed while trying to save their pigs submerged in the flood went viral.

Protests In Hong Kong After Bookseller's Confession

Hong Kong Will not let Bookseller Lam Wing Kee go Back to China Despite Mainland's Request

China recently requested that a Hong Kong bookseller, who was detained in the mainland for several months last year, return to face penalties for violating the terms of his parole. However, officials in Hong Kong are refusing to let him go back.

Lam Wing Kee

Hong Kong Bookseller Lam Wing Kee Asked by China to Return to Mainland to Face Penalties

A Hong Kong bookseller, who was freed recently after eight-months in detention, has been ordered to travel back to China to face penalties for violating the terms of his parole.

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