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More money

South Korea Boosting Defense Budget to Record $38.7 Billion to Confront North Korea and China

The proposed budget represents an 8.4 percent increase from 2017.


China Recruiting More Astronauts

China will start building its first manned space station in 2019.


Independence-class Littoral Combat Ships being Deployed to Singapore by US Navy

Of the 13 Independence-class LCSs, four are in service while seven more are fitting out or building.


Which War Can India Win? A Two-Front or a Two-and-a-Half Front War?

Gen. Rawat expressed his satisfaction at the Indian government's support for modernizing the Indian Army with new weapons and equipment.

Chinese toehold

China will Open More Foreign Military Bases Worldwide in the Future

China's new naval base is located only 13 kilometers away from Camp Lemonnier, the largest U.S. military base in Africa.

Ready for war

China Building Airbases in Spratlys Big Enough for over 100 Fighter Jets

"In 2016, China focused its main effort on infrastructure construction at its outposts on the Spratly Islands," the report said.


China’s Largest Solar-Powered Drone will Target US Navy Warships

The main mission for the CH-T4 will be to gather military and other types of information from around the world.


China and Russia JV Reveal Model of new Passenger Jet to Compete against Boeing and Airbus

CRAIC optimistically hopes to deliver its first plane by 2027.


China Again Claims it isn’t Militarizing South China Sea; Again Says it Owns Senkakus

China said the Senkakus and its adjacent islets have been part of China since ancient times.


US Wants More Money to Win a Space War against Russia and China

He said China and Russia have been "quietly watching" and preparing their own ASAT systems.


China is Leading Source of Fake Scientific Papers Worldwide

Out of the total number of retractions, China accounted for 276.


China to US: South China Sea Issue is None of your Business

He further claims China has striven to develop and improve friendly and cooperative relations with other countries in the Asia-Pacific


Chinese, Russian Generals Claim Strong Military Ties becoming Stronger

Both armed forces have also seen deepening ties and higher level cooperation.


US Threatens Action if China Militarizes More Islands in South China Sea

"We cannot and will not accept unilateral, coercive changes to the status quo."

China, Pakistan in the crosshairs

Indian Air Force can ‘Win’ a Two-front War against China and Pakistan

Military victory in the traditional sense is out of the question in this calculus.

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