Updated 8:44 AM EDT, Wed, Aug 18, 2021

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China Creates Military Logistics Support Force to Bolster PLA Joint Combat Operations Abroad

Worldwide reach

(Photo : PLA) Xi activates the PLA Joint Logistics Support Base.

China activated a Joint Logistic Support Force of the Central Military Commission (CMC) on Sept. 13 as another strategic move to boost the global mobility of the People's Liberation Army (PLA).

At the establishment ceremony of the new logistics force in Beijing, President Xi Jinping conferred the military flag of the new force to Maj. Gen. Li Shisheng of the Wuhan Joint Logistic Support Base and Yin Zhihong, political commissar.

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Xi also conferred flags on the directors and political commissars of the five joint logistic support centers.

The five joint logistic support centers are the Wuxi Joint Logistic Support Center; Guilin Joint Logistic Support Center; Xining Joint Logistic Support Center; Shenyang Joint Logistic Support Center and Zhengzhou Joint Logistic Support Center.

During the ceremony, Xi said China should accelerate its military construction according to the requirements of joint operations, joint training and joint support to build a strong and modern joint logistic support force.

He said the establishment of the joint logistic support base and joint logistic support centers is a strategic measure to deepen the reform of the command system of China's military. He also said constructing a modern joint logistic support system with Chinese military characteristics is of great and far-reaching significance to building Chinese military into a world first-class military and winning modern regional wars.

Xi's exhortation to the strategic support force follows a similar message to the PLA's Strategic Support Force during an inspection late August.

Established late last year as part of military and national defense reform, the Strategic Support Force is a new type of combat force to secure national security and an important aspect of the PLA's joint operations system, said Xi.

The force bears a historic mission and must strive to be the best in the world, said Xi.

The force was established late 2015 as part of military and national defense reform. At the time, Xi said the strategic support force is a new type of combat force to secure national security and is an important segment of the PLA's joint operations system.

"Innovation is what we need most in building the strategic support force. Innovation is the fundamental solution, "said Xi.

He urged the force always stay on alert and maintain combat preparedness; map out a development strategy and a capacity building plan; build a new training system and enhance its deterrence and warfighting capabilities.

Xi emphasized innovation in military theory and technology and called for the fostering of new types of combat forces and high-level creative talent.

Xi told the force to educate and guide its soldiers and officers to stick to "the absolute leadership" of the Party and urged Party committees within the force to improve their ability to guide military development and manage Party members.

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