12/03/2021 06:30:28 pm

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Two New Nuclear Subs to Join the Russian Navy in 2018

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(Photo : Russian Navy) RFS Kazan and her crew.

After being delayed for years due to a chronic lack of money, two new submarines will enter service with the Russian Navy submarine fleet in 2018.

The Russian Navy announced the RFS Kazan (K-561), a Sverodvinsk-class nuclear-powered multipurpose nuclear attack submarine (SSN) built under Project 885M, and the RFS Knyaz Vladimir (or Prince Vladimir), a nuclear ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) and lead ship of the fifth generation Project 955A Borey II-class, might be delivered to the navy this year.

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RFS Knyaz Vladimir and the RFS Kazan will floated out in 2017, said Russian Navy Deputy Commander-in-Chief Vice-Admiral Viktor Bursuk.

"In 2017, the first improved Project 955-A submarine and the Yasen-M will be floated out," he said.

The Kazan was laid down in 2009 and the Vladimir in 2012. The Vladimir might have cost from $1 billion to $2 billion to build.

The Knyaz Vladimir and the Kazan will enter navy service in 2018, a year later than planned. It was expected both submarines will be delivered to the Navy in 2017.

The Knyaz Vladimir will become the fourth submarine in the series of eight Borey-class submarines, which the Russian Navy classifies as "underwater cruisers." It is the first submarine of the improved Borey-A Project. The sub will join the navy's Pacific Fleet with headquarters at Vladivostok.

The Severodvinsk Shipyard in north Russia laid down the eighth Borey-class submarine, RFS Knyaz Pozharsky (Prince Pozharsky), on Dec. 30, said the navy.

The Kazan and its sister ship, the RFS Sverodvinsk, are said to be the quietest Russian and Chinese nuclear submarines but are still not as quiet as U.S. Navy submarines such as the Seawolf- and Virginia-class subs.

Three submarines of the Borey-class have been delivered to the Russian Navy. Two Boreys, the Knyaz Oleg and the Generalissimus Suvorov, were laid down in 2014.

In 2015, another Borey, the Imperator Alexsandr III (Emperor Alexander III), was laid down. Each Borey submarine carries 16 Bulava submarine launched ballistic missiles.

The Kazan is being built under the improved Project 885-M Yasen-M. It will be the second sub of the Yasen project. The first submarine in this class, the RFS Severodvinsk (K-560) was delivered to the navy in 2014.  Seven submarines in the Borey-class are to be built.

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