Updated 9:12 AM EST, Tue, Jan 05, 2021

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China Denies Double Standards on Masood Azhar, Cites Lack of 'Solid Evidence'

China Denies Allegation on Masood Azhar.

(Photo : Getty Images) China on Thursday rejected India's accusation of practicing “double standards” on the issue of Masood Azhar, after it once again blocked New’s Delhi’s latest proposal on Azhar in United Nations last week.

China on Thursday dismissed India's allegation of "double standards" on the contagious issue of Masood Azhar, adding that the allegations are untrue and cited lack of "solid evidence" for blocking New's Delhi's latest proposal on Azhar in United Nations last week.

"With regard to the listing matter of the security council 1267 committee, the so-called double standards adopted by China on this relevant issue is not true. We take action based on solid evidence that is the standard upheld by us," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said during a news briefing.

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Geng also minced no words while responding to a stinging remark by Indian minister M.J Akbar that "We really do expect China to hear the voice of the world, not just voice of India on terrorism."    

Geng responded that China took part in discussion in responsible and constructive way, adding that relevant members differed on the contagious issue.

China was apparently the sole country among the 15-member 1267 counter terrorism committee to take objection on India's application on Masood Azhar.

India Chides Beijing for Supporting Pakistan     

China's swift response on Thursday came barely hours after India called on Beijing to take pragmatic approach while lending support to Pakistan on the issue of terrorism.

Akbar said on Wednesday that India hopes that as a mature nation, China would realize that it is practicing "double standard" approach in supporting Islamabad on terrorism issue.

India and China have been on a confrontational mode since last year over the issues of Masood Azhar and Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG). Beijing's inflexible stance on NSG and Azhar issues is largely driven by geo-politics, with Pakistan putting consistent pressure on Xi Jinping's administration on both issues.

Pakistan, which China considers its closest ally in South Asia, is India's arch rival in the Indian subcontinent.  However, Beijing equally shares politically tense relation with New Delhi over host of issues including unresolved border issues.    

Pakistan and India's rivalry is mainly over the issue of the Himalayan region of Kashmir, with Indian government constantly accusing Islamabad of fomenting terrorism on its side of Kashmir. New Delhi alleged that the Pakistani government is funding several high profile terrorists including Masood Azhar to fight insurgency war in Indian Kashmir.

However, Pakistan denied India's allegations and maintained that Azhar is a social activists who enjoys substantial public support across the country.              

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