Updated 8:44 AM EDT, Wed, Aug 18, 2021

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China’s Newest Pop Boy-Band Sensation is Made of All-Girls

'Volunteer Beijing Grand Vocal Concert'

(Photo : Credit: China Photos / Stringer) The audience look on as a firework display takes place at the 'Volunteer Beijing Grand Vocal Concert' in the rain at Beijing Worker's Stadium in Beijing, China.

China's newest pop boy-band sensation, FFC-Acrush, brings a surprising twist to boy band fans - all its members are girls! According to Shanghaiist, although FCC-Acrush look like a typical male pop group, its members are all women.

The group is comprised of Lin Fan, Jun Qian, Lu Keran, Peng Xi Chen, and An Jun Xi. All the ladies are in their twenties. The gender-defying group has gained almost one milliion followers on Weibo, despite not yet releasing their debut video and album. This success, according to many, may be attributable to their unique and unusual makerting strategies.

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FFC-Acrush recently performed at a concert in Zhejang and was a part of the "Husband Exhibition" sensation. Among Chinese fans, most especially women, the word "husband" is mostly associated with male pop sensations and bands.

In an interview with Quartz, Acrush's manager said that instead of being termed "husbands" by female fans, he would rather that they be called "handsome youths" to dispel any gender association.

Furthermore, the members of the group are said to have been forbidden from discussing their real sexual preference with people, most especially to the Chinese media.

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