Updated 8:44 AM EDT, Wed, Aug 18, 2021

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China’s Newest and Hottest Show is Government-Sponsored

China Steps Up Corruption Fight

(Photo : Credit: Cancan Chu / Staff) FUYANG, ANHUI, CHINA - FEBRUARY 14: The Western-style office building of the district authority of the under-developed city of Fuyang is seen on February 14, 2007 in Fuyang, China. The building, whose design is meant to be a cross between the White House and Capitol Hill, has caused much controversy as it cost more than 30 million yuan ($3.85 million) to build while the annual fiscal income of the local district barely reaches 100 million yuan ($12.8 million). China is setting up a high-powered national anti-corruption agency as close to 100,000 members of China's ruling Communist Party were punished last year for corruption, according to state media. (Photo by Cancan Chu/Getty Images)

China's newest and hottest television show, "In the Name of the People", is currently making waves in the local TV scene. It has been airing since Thursday, March 28, and has been sponsored by China's SPP or Supreme People's Procuratorate.

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The said agency is mainly responsible for the prosecution and investigation of corrupt officials involved in graft and other related crimes. The program is composed of 55 episodes that mainly mirrors a corruption-stricken China that is fought for betterment by good government officials.

The program debut came in as a surprise in the history of crime-related drama because despite being opposite the 2018 World Cup series qualifying match, "In the Name of the People" still managed to come out as the most viewed program in China on the said date, doubling the number of football viewers with more than 500 million  views. 

Because the theme was mostly sensitive and controversial, social media and online watching sites like Youku, Mango TV, iQiyi, and Weibo were ablaze with clicks, views, and comments about the show. "In the Name of the People" has since been used millions of times in hashtags and has become a trending subject in the aforementioned sites.

While a lot of people went gaga over the program, some were unpleasable, however, saying that they are so "disappointed in the Communist Party" for filming such a "horrible show." Others who are not fans managed to mention that although the show may be based on rela-life events, it still seems to "leave out a lot,"

"In the Name of the People" is based on one of political author Zhou Meisen's novels. Meisen is a former government official in the province of Jiangsu .

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