Updated 8:44 AM EDT, Wed, Aug 18, 2021

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China Navy Fails to Recognize India’s Participation in an Hijacked Ship’s Rescue Operation from Somalia Pirates

Chinese Navy Holds Memorial Ceremony For 120th Anniversary Of The First Sino-Japanese War

(Photo : Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images) Chinese navy holds memorial ceremony for 120th anniversary of the first Sino-Japanese War in Weihai, Shandong province of China.

China is all praises for the success of its coastal navy in a rescue operation on Sunday, April 2. The Chinese Navy successfully saved a cargo ship, the Tuvaluan, in the Gulf of Aden after it fell into the hands of pirates from Somalia. Amidst the celebration, however, China seems to be forgetting that the Indian Navy also played a major role in the rescue operation.

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The Indian Navy is said to have provided China a helicopter to assist them in boarding the hijacked ship. Without the helicopter, it may not have been possible for China to execute and accomplish the entire operation. This fact, however, is strangely not being mentioned in many news related to the incident.

A few hours after the successful rescue, the coastal Navy of China released a statement that failed to acknowledge India's part in the said operation. The following day, April 3, the same omission was apparent once again at a press conference that was sponsored by China's Department of Foreign Ministry. When the press and media representatives asked about the matter, China Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hia Chunying referred interrogators to the country's Ministry of Defense while emphasizing only on the "effectiveness of the Chinese naval force in the field of fighting against pirates."

Furthermore, no mention of India was also made in an article written on Xinhua, neither was it in a write-up by Global Times. Both articles simply mentioned how China's maritime force and security outshined other coastal forces.

This is awkward considering that India considers the incident to be a display of international coastal teamwork and collaboration against the threat of piracy. On the Indian Navy's Twitter account, a depiction of the incident was published showing an image of the Indian Navy Chetak helicopter soaring above Chinese Navy ship MV OS 35.

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