Updated 8:47 AM EST, Fri, Mar 05, 2021

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China Releases Footage of Alleged Type 092 Nuclear Submarine [VIDEO]

China released never-before-seen video of its first nuclear submarine.

(Photo : Getty Images) China released never-before-seen video of its first nuclear submarine.

China's military officials have released last week a propaganda video of the country's nuclear ballistic missile submarines, believed to be the homegrown Type 092 vessels.

According to Daily Mail, the footage that was aired on China's military channel Ba Yi TV captured soldiers carrying out some drills on the vessel and launching a ballistic missile from a submarine in an undated clip.

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The video, aired on April 22, not only gave viewers a glimpse of the submarine's interior but also featured a fleet of submarines sailing in the sea during a naval review as soldiers were seen posing and holding weapons.

The submarine featured is believed to be the Type 092 nuclear submarine, China's Shenzhen TV reported. According to public information, the vessel could carry 12 China-made Julang-1 ballistic missiles that could fire as far as 2,000 kilometers.

China spent more than a decade and 298 million yuan ($43.25 million) to build the Type 092 submarine in the 1970s. It was also China's first indigenous nuclear submarine, measuring 120 meters long, 10 meters wide, and could dive to a maximum depth of 300 meters. It also displaces 6,500 tons of water when on the sea surface and 7,000 tons of water when submerged.

It is thought that China has four types of nuclear submarines, namely, the Type 091, 092, 093, and 094. The Type 091 and 093 are nuclear attack submarines, while the Type 092 and 094 are nuclear missile submarines.

Meanwhile, China's new submarine factory on the Yellow Sea will start producing nuclear-powered attack submarines (SSN) starting this year. China's only nuclear submarine maker, Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industrial Corporation, is just allegedly finalizing the new plant.

Later this year, the plant will reportedly start the production of the first third generation Type 095 SSN that will feature a single/hybrid pressure hull, pumpjet propulsion, advanced nuclear reactor, vertical launch system cells, and other advanced sensors.

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