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3 Pachinko Crossovers That'll Get You Gambling In Japan

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One of the most internationally-recognized Japanese tresures, with all of its over-the-top action, colorful characters and questionable storylines, has to be its cartoon animation or anime. Along with that and video games, the land of the rising sun plays a big part in the entertainment industry with Nintendo, Sony and Shonen Jump being household names the world over for kids. After all, both of the video game giants have the best-selling systems of all time, the PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo DS - both systems selling about 155 million copies. 

But anime and video games aren't just for kids. More and more adults are enjoying the mediums as viable forms of entertainment, and it seems the casino indusry has taken note. As more and more gambling sites are appealing to Japanese gamblers like the folks at casino online at William Hill, they are doing so with Western entertainment such as American Dad!, RoboCop, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Although the site is written in Japanese, they are sorely lacking Japanese titles. So, we've taken it upon ourselves to shed light on three of the greatest pachinko (one of the most Japanese forms of gambling ever) crossovers this world has ever seen. Who knows, maybe some of these online sites will even snag of few of these for use on their sites. 


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Lupin the Third

Japan's greatest super thief and forefront sportscoat enthusiast is featured on a pachinko machine alongside familiar faces in the anime such as Daisuke Jigen and Goemon. While pachinko might just be metal balls falling down a machine, there's really never a dull moment as crisp animations flash on screen the whole way through the game. Lupin would probably prefer to steal the money, but this is an entertaining alternative that fans are sure to get a kick out of. 


Source: Third Monk's Karma Jello via Facebook

Super Street Fighter IV

Although fighting game enthusiasts are already off playing the fifth numbered installment in the series, Capcom has made a pachinko machine for gambling fans to enjoy. The machine comes equipped with a pair of hands at the display's sides that appears to launch a hodoken right at the player throughout the game and is generally as energetic as one might expect from a fighting game turned pachinko. Artwork is still done in the sketchy style we were wowed by in the game's startup cutscene, a touch the title simply couldn't go without. 


Source: M a k o 神羅 via Facebook


Ranked as the second most influential anime of all time for America by, Evangelion is an unmistakable icon in the world of anime. It's had video game adaptations, films and now a pachinko machine dedicated to its greatness and the latter serves the name well with a color scheme reminiscent of Unit 01 in the show. Like all the other machines, animations light up the experience and literally serve as a focal point for a game that might not be as riveting as the show going on in the background. Maybe pachinko parlors are so popular because people really just want to watch anime with the possibility of getting paid to do it. If so, who can blame them? 

Now if you're in Japan and looking to gamble a few bucks, you know which machines to be on the lookout for. Just be sure to keep your eyes peeled for other titles as Japan is always coming out with bigger and better versions of just about every cool piece of technology they have. Happy pachinko!

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