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How vaping technology revolutionizes the methods of delivering medications such as marijuana

Progress is a part of human evolution. It is what drives our civilization forward and helps each individual as well as the entire community to live better, safer, and longer lives. Medicine is one of the most important scientific branches; it binds together versatile disciplines and industries in order to find easier and more effective methods for the improvement of human well-being. Since the development of the vaping industry and products, scientists saw the potential that these type of devices hold for the medical application. The medical society knew the medicinal benefits of marijuana; however, it was the application that created disputes for years. Traditional methods of medicinal marijuana use come with side effects such as introducing Carbon monoxide into the blood, inhaling impurities through smoke, dosage, etc. When the first marijuana vaporizer hit the spotlights, everybody knew things will never be the same again.

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Vaping, as opposed to combusting, doesn't burn the material at an unknown temperature, thus producing a smoke that carries the residual oxidized molecules that do us more harm than good. When people use medicinal marijuana through vaporizers what happens is that the device heats up the weed which in turn creates a vape that carries active cannabinoids, which is the point of marijuana use. The fact that there are different types of vaporizers brings even more value to the idea of the medicinal application. Some of you may know, there are dry herb vaporizers (navigate here) as well as those that use liquid or waxy materials. Regardless of the state of the materials used, the system works the same with all. This allows researchers to extract healing substances in different states and deliver the drug to patients with different needs. But is that where the fun ends? Not by a long shot! The medicinal use of herb vaporizer technology is almost limitless.

Prescription weed through vapor? It's possible!

The last couple of years have been growing with public discussions regarding the medicinal value of marijuana. Dozens of countries have legalized a number of marijuana-based drugs that help with some types of childhood epilepsy and MS conditions. This means there is a future for marijuana in the pharmaceutical industry. Administering such a drug through a cannabis vaporizer would allow patients to micro-dose their therapy efficiently. Since we already said there are various types of vaporizers, it's easy to see how different extracts (depending on the substance we need and the illness we treat) could be administered with ease. All a patient would need is the exact type of device for their type of treatment.

As a result, the drug would start working much sooner because the vape would bring the substance directly into the bloodstream. This means that the drug would skip the digestive tract, which can slow the drug or even decrease its healing properties. This is not possible with regular ways of use, joints and bongs burn the weed and through the smoke, we get more impurities than cannabinoids.

No more needles

It's not unusual for people to feel uncomfortable around needles. Doesn't matter if you're a kid or a grown person, the idea of some metal pushing through your skin and muscle in order to inject some chemical into your body is simply not pleasant, plus there's that feeling of pain and discomfort. Now imagine taking your shots through vape. The first thought would be: "Great! No more pain!" but there is much more to it. Research shows that 3 in 1000 people get HIV infections through needles that were used by a person that already had the virus. The same goes for Hepatitis and other diseases.

There are already some medicinal substances that are possible to take via vaporizer. Inhalable insulin is one of the most recent and interesting additions, which allows people to treat their condition without the use of needles. Again, the drug would take effect much sooner, and the dosage would be easier, doctors could use smaller, more precise doses for their patients.

Nanotechnology and vaping

This might sound like something you could see in a science fiction movie where the hero takes a small device out of his pocket and sucks on it to insert nano-bots into his organism so he could heal. This type of medicine is still under development as scientists are still unable to successfully create a fusion of nanotechnology and vaporizers. Nevertheless, there's a lot of effort in accomplishing this goal that would enable doctors to introduce nanotechnology into patients' bloodstream in order to cure or identify a certain disease even take it a step further and create or regenerate cells. The scientific community is working hard on combining nanotech and vape, with hopes that one day this would be an effective method to cure cancer and heart problems.

Electronic medicine era

With online medical records becoming more common and the need for v-meds grows stronger one might find it only reasonable that vaporizers will play a significant role in this story. Investors and big pharmaceutical companies are already showing significant interest in further development of e-medicine in order to create a faster and more effective medical environment for everyone. Vaporizers that use cartridges could administer e-meds the same way they are being used for vaping various flavors. The atomizer would heat up the liquid medicine, turning the healing substance into vape that would go directly into the blood with no side-effects. This whole idea is still a work in progress, and we can only hope that it will see the light of the day soon.


Although there are some skeptics that say vaping could lead to further drug abuse because it would be impossible to know if the weed is medicinal or not without lab equipment, there are a lot of people that welcome the idea of using the vape in medicine. Truth be told, there's a lot more work to do before we give in to healing by vape, but every day is one step closer to revolutionizing the medicine as we know it.

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