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Best Trainer for No Man's Sky and How to Use It

No Man’s Sky
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If you are struggling to make progress in your favorite game, which is No Man's Sky, of course, then, you might have considered resorting to some cheats or hacks to try every possible opportunity to feel omnipotent in such a demanding game. We suggest that you take a closer look at No Man's Sky Trainer, the magic tool through which you will get infinite health, vast resources, super speed and many more cool things that, we bet, you would have never acquired.

How to Use a Trainer

You can either search for the necessary program in the Internet, which can be a time-consuming and unreliable option, or go straight to Trainersmode, the source that has lots of trainers to satisfy tastes of any demanding player. You can download the No Man's Sky trainer by hitting the "Download Now" button you won't miss.

Prior to using any trainer, remember to save the original files and folders that go with the program. The downloaded files can be used for both playing offline and online. Moreover, with the help of these files you will be able to install the necessary game updates.

The next thing you should know and keep in mind is that trainers are completely safe when you choose to play offline, in the single player mode. Otherwise, you may risk being caught using a third-party software, which, as you know, is forbidden by game rules. To avoid being banned from the game, you may want to try blocking outgoing traffic from the game with the help of your firewall software.

Always remember to download the trainer that will be able to support exactly your version of the game. All necessary information is usually provided in descriptions you can find on the same page of the website that offers the trainer. Moreover, along with the trainer you get a special .txt file containing detailed instructions on how to install and run the trainer.

Once you download the program, extract the necessary files by means of an unarchiver program you have at your disposal.

 If case you have downloaded the proper version of a trainer that is fully compatible with your soft, but it fails to operate properly, try to run it with Administrator rights.

You will need to launch the acquired program prior to starting No Man's Sky.

Once in the game, don't hesitate to test the opportunities of the new software. Use the following hotkeys to have an upper hand during the gameplay:

Always remember to hit HOME to start running the trainer.

If you don't want to get your weapon overheated, you can press F2 to activate "No overheating" mode.

If it is necessary to use a jetpack or a laser, you should press F3 and F4, respectively.

If you are a green guy, then you may want to make sure that ecology in your game doesn't suffer from your monkey trick. Press F6 to turn the "Environmental protection" regime on.

When you find yourself in a predicament, press F7 to get full support for life.

If you need more ammunition, hit F10, then.

Reloading weapons is such a challenge, isn't it? NUMPAD1... and you will forget about reloading weapon.  

You can get an indestructible ship and as much money as you wish by hitting NUMPAD2 and NUMPAD3, respectively.

It would require much more time to list all the benefits of trainers. But, as they say, it's better to see something once, then to hear about it a thousand times.

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