Updated 8:47 AM EST, Fri, Mar 05, 2021

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One More Dog Tested as COVID-19 Positive, Confirmed by Hong Kong Officials

(Photo : Image by Josep Monter Martinez from Pixabay )

Image by Josep Monter Martinez from Pixabay

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Days ago, the Hong Kong authorities confirmed the death of the first dog who got inflicted by the coronavirus after it was treated with the disease. Several days following its death, the authorities have once again announced another dog that was tested positive of it.

The second dog that got inflicted is a German shepherd from Pok Fu Lam area and was living with a family, which has also been tested positive for the coronavirus. According to the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD), the dog is now sent to quarantine along with other mixed-breed dog living from the same residence.

Though the German shepherd has tested positive, the other canine showed a negative result. As of the writing, authorities say the canines are still not showing any symptoms of the virus and are presently under strict observation. They are also planning to monitor both these canines and conduct several tests unto them.

Despite the second case of coronavirus infliction among dogs, the government organization is urging families not to abandon their pets during the outbreak out of fear of getting ill because of them. As of the gathered data, the confirmed case is more likely a human-to-animal transmission, and there is no need to worry about getting inflicted with the coronavirus through them, as reported by Daily Mail.

The department also emphasized the need for fur parents to stop kissing their companions in times like this. They should also have to observe proper hygiene in handling their fur babies to limit the contamination of the virus to their household.

The best thing to do to protect your pets from the coronavirus is by washing or sanitizing your hands before holding your fur babies. It is also better to wear a face mask and isolate yourself once you are not feeling okay.

Furthermore, you strengthen your pet's immune system by giving them vitamins and healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits so they can have stronger protection against any disease. Some of these foods you can give to your pooches are rosemary, coconut oil, yogurt, peppermint, and pumpkin.

If you have extra money to boost their immunity, providing them supplements is also a good idea. You can give them fish oil, vitamin c, vitamin e, glucosamine, probiotics, milk thistle, lysine, and also multivitamins, according to Science Based Medicine.

Just make sure that as you take care of your fur babies' health, you are also securing yours. Keep your body healthier and well-protected too.

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