Updated 8:47 AM EST, Fri, Mar 05, 2021

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Donald Trump Set ‘Flexible’ Timeline Of Lockdown By Easter Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

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(Photo : Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay )

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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Donald Trump recently shared his future plans for the United States amid the coronavirus pandemic. It was said that he is "pushing" to lift the lockdown by Easter because of personal reasons. As stated, the US President reasoned that the day is a "beautiful" one.

According to Business Insider, he first touted this plan of his earlier on Tuesday. He reportedly shared that Easter is an "important" one for him because of other reasons. Even so, he said that he would make it an important day for the current crisis too.

He told similar things in the following interview on that day. It was said that Donald Trump revealed that Easter is a "very special day" for him. Although no further explanations were given, he claimed that seeing the churches full on that day across the country will be "great."

During the White House press briefing, the publication said that the United States President, once again, reiterated his plans over the COVID-19 lockdown and Easter, which will be on April 12. He also reportedly said that he hopes to see everyone back in their usual routines in the next 19 days.

Before anyone from the audience could ask, Trump explained that they are now looking at this timeline. He then shared that they had a "very good meeting" earlier that day.

However, the same report noted that Donald Trump seemingly suggested that this deadline is not yet "concrete." This is because he later added that they will only do it "if it's good." He then reportedly said that "maybe" this will do in some "large sections" of the country.

With these statements at hand, it has appeared before the public that the United States President has a more positive outlook on the current crisis. The New York Times even said that Donald Trump has continued to insist that he does not see the "coronavirus as any more dangerous than flu."

While he remains positive with the said "flexible timeline," reports noted that the confirmed cases in the United States have increased since his press release about reopening the country on Easter. From over 53,000 confirmed cases with 680 deaths on Tuesday night, the numbers have since spiked reaching over 100,390 confirmed cases with 1,477 deaths at the near end of the week.

It was also revealed that many health officials across the globe "warned" that the timeline may be impossible to achieve. As claimed, it will take several weeks, minimum, to slow down the rate of infection in the United States. "Longer periods of time" is required to turn the tide, one expert added.

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