Updated 8:47 AM EST, Fri, Mar 05, 2021

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Indian Disturbing Belief Claims Cow Urine Can Prevent And Heal Coronavirus, True?

Indian Cow
(Photo : Image by Hanu B Krishna from Pixabay )

Image by Hanu B Krishna from Pixabay

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So far, brilliant minds across the globe are knee-deep trying to find the cure for the COVID-19. However, at the time of this publication, no one has been able to discover the cure that the Food and Drugs Administration has approved. Because of this, misinformation about cures and treatments for COVID-19 are rife online, including a disturbing belief of some Indians that cow urine could cure the deadly novel coronavirus.

The news about Gaumutra or cow urine as cure for COVID-19 has gone viral these past days. There is a belief in India that cow urine can boost immunity and contains a lot of medicinal properties. Interestingly, instead of debunking this groundless claim, some personalities in India are supporting this.

In a report released by Economic Times, Dr. Vallabh Kathiria, the chairman of Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog, claimed that at least 6,000 liters of cow urine is being consumed in India every day. Aside from drinking the cow urine, some people spray it on their bodies to ward off microbes and viruses, Kathiria revealed. The chairman also told the news outfit that Gaumutra improves digestions and reinforces lymphocytes aside from containing lots of antioxidants.

The increased demand in cow urine in the country, according to Kathiria, is not only for fresh cow urine but also for condensed one. Further, the chairman revealed that "cow urine kills bacteria and would definitely be helpful in fighting the coronavirus." Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha, India's right-wing outfit, according to The Wire, organized a Gaumutra drinking party in India's major cities.

The report reveals that at least 200 people participated in the Gaumutra drinking party. Aside from drinking cow urine, participants also ate cow dung, ghee, and curd with the belief that these would ward off the lethal COVID-19 virus. The party was also observed in other areas in India like Kolkata, where one participant suffered from vomiting and nausea.

West Bengal BJP Leader and Organizer Narayan Chatterjee were later arrested by authorities. But, that's not all there is about Gaumutra. Minister Suman Japriya from Assam reportedly declared during the state assembly session that Gaumutra or cow urine could be used to cure the COVID-19.

It is easy to look at this as some kind of a foolish act, but it is also important to consider the influence of people with such stature to their constituents. It could lead other followers to believe that the minister's claim is true, thereby putting their lives in grave danger.

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