Updated 8:47 AM EST, Fri, Mar 05, 2021

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First Flight From Wuhan Arrived In Sydney Since From January

(Photo : Image by David Mark from Pixabay )

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

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A cargo plane originating from Wuhan was welcomed into Sydney. The Boeing 747 aircraft owned by Suparna that touched down in Sydney just today and is considered as the first flight from Wuhan to arrive in the country since January. Airlines in China also retrofit passenger planes to carry goods.

 A Suparna-owned Boeing 747 landed in Sydney last night from Wuhan, China. The flight was considered as the first-ever trip welcomed in Australia since January when lockdowns were imposed to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The flight's Cargo would unload in the freight terminal along with its crew after the 14-day quarantine period lapses. The measure is imposed by law in Australia as a preventive method since the pandemic shocked global economies. Wuhan, being the center and the start of contaminations, recently lifted its lockdowns last Wednesday.

Last Tuesday, the Chinese government announced that Wuhan had no new cases and just after midnight from the announcement, Beijing lifted stringent lockdown laws that confined 11 million Chinese residents in the region for 76 days. Wuhan's roads and bridges were also reopened and its airports reverted to normal operations.

Superna has also been delivering medical supplies to Europe through flights from airports in China not affected by the total lockdown. The Transport Workers Union, however, is currently in dispute with Qantas over a crew employee who blew the whistle on workplace practices that put cleaners working on aircraft maintenance from Wuhan at risk of contamination.

Qantas operated chartered flight for Australians stranded in Wuhan and SafeWork NSW ordered the company to provide staff with sufficient protective gear by March 30, 2020.

In China, holiday shortened-work week began since Monday when no new COVID-19 deaths were reported. Funds were raised through special treasury bonds to replenish capital in China's financial system.

Some Chinese and international airlines also managed to retrofit their commercial flights and allow these aircraft to carry goods. Among the companies imposing the method is China Eastern Airlines who increased its freight capacity last Month.

 To implement the method, the company modified the internal structure of its aircraft scheduled to carry electronics and Tesla automotive parts in April. China also allowed other passenger planes to cater to goods to compensate for a sharp drop in air-freight capacity. Before the implementation, China imposed limitations on the number of flights of domestic and international airlines operating in March. The imposition came after the companies raised issues that they could not maximize the carriage capacity since only passenger flights were allowed before freight flights were considered.

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