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Practice Tests, Study Guides, Training Courses - What Else Is Needed to Adequately Prepare for Microsoft 70-764 Exam?

The Microsoft 70-764 (Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure) exam is part of the requirements for getting the MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration credential. The test is designedfor the database professionals who have the responsibilities of performing installation, configuration, and maintenance tasks. The candidates for the 70-764 examare advised to have some level of experience in installing database systems, ensuring systems function efficiently and effectively, and frequently store, backup, and secure data from the unauthorized persons.

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Before taking this certificationtest, it is recommended that the individuals go through the preparation guide on the exam webpage to get familiar with the details as well as resources available on the site. It is important that you do this even before scheduling Microsoft 70-764. This will make the process of preparing and registering easier for you. You should also read the exam policies as well as explore the FAQsection to understand the requirements for taking thistest.

Microsoft 70-764: Exam details

The Exam-Labs Website Click Here on This Link URL Microsoft 70-764 certification test is designed to evaluate certain technical skills. It is made up of 40-60 questions and youwill be given 120 minutes for the completion of all of them. Registering for this examis pretty straightforward. First, create a Microsoft account and proceed to the Pearson VUE website to schedule your test. You should carefully select the date you would like to take it to reduce the possibility of cancellation due to availability. Before you register and schedule Microsoft 70-764, you have to pay $165. It is important to mention that the fee differs from one region to another. Therefore, check the official page to know the specific price that is appropriate to your country.

Microsoft 70-764: Skills measured

Microsoft 70-764 evaluates one's ability to carry out some technical tasks in the domain of the exam content. These tasks make up the topics of this certification test. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the percentage associated with each objective. It indicates the weight of questions that you should expect from eacharea during the delivery of yourtest. The domains with a higher percentage will likely have more questions than those with a lower percentage. The details of the subjects are highlighted below visit microsoft certification dumps.

  • Data Access & Auditing Configuration (20-25%): For this topic, the candidates will be evaluated based on their ability to configure encryption, data permissions & access, and auditing.
  • Backup & Databases Restore Management (20-25%):The applicants will be tested based on their skills to develop a backup strategy, restore databases, and manage the database integrity.
  • Management& Monitoring of SQL Server Instances (35-40%): This area carries the highest percentage among all the topics, which means there are likely to be more questions from it. Therefore, it is recommended that the students understand every aspect of this objective before sitting for the exam. Generally, the questions from this topic will checktheir ability to monitor queries, manage indexes, monitor activities of adatabase, monitor SQL Server instances, and manage statistics.
  • Management of High Availability & Disaster Recovery (20-25%): This domain requires the relevant skills in implementing log shipping,Always-On Availability Groups, and fail-over cluster instances.

These are the highlights of the objectivesrelated to Microsoft 70-764. It is important that you go through the exam webpage to read the full scope of the topics.

Microsoft 70-764: Top preparation resources

There is no shortcut about it; you have to study to be able to pass Microsoft 70-764. If you have ever taken any Microsoft test before, you will understand that the vendor has some strict requirements for its exams. Your best option to do the right thing is by studying and taking practice questions to achieve the passing score.

As for the 70-764 exam, there are various study materials that are available online for one's preparation. Let's explore them right now!

  • Instructor-Led Training

This is a five-day training course titled 20764: Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure. It is delivered by the certified instructors across the world. You should check the exam page for the details on how to register and take part in this course. Depending on your schedule, you can participate in classroom-style learning or go for the virtual learning option.

  • Online Courses

This option of preparation is self-paced and is aimed at those students who can't take time off work to attend the instructor-led training classes. Microsoft offers three different online courses, covering Securing Data in Azure & SQL Server, Recovering Data in Azure & SQL Server, and Managing SQL Server Operations.You can also find more than 70 lectures on the Exam-labs website and buy them individually or in the bundle with other useful materials,including brain dumps and a study guide.

  • Book Resources

The study guide recommended by Microsoft is Exam Ref 70-764: Administering SQL Database Infrastructure. It is designed to help the candidates demonstrate their real-world skills in database administration. It also equips them with the skills to function in the job roles of installing, configuring, and maintaining database systems. You can purchase this book on Amazon and Microsoft Press Store.

  • Practice Tests

These tools are designed to help theapplicants measure their knowledge of the exam objectives. As for Microsoft 70-764, there are various platforms that offer mock tests that you can use. There is the official option from Microsoft, which can be found on the official site. You can also explore other extensive study materials that come with full-length practice questions. Exam-labs is a reliable website to find the most up-to-date practice questions and answers that you can use for your preparation.


It is essential that you use study materials from reputable platforms. To get started, we strongly recommend that you visit the official website. In addition to this, you should also check the resources from Exam-labs, as we have advised you earlier. Apart from examdumps, the site also offers video courses that cover the topics of Microsoft 70-764 in more detail. It is very convenient to take all the additional prep tools that you need in one place. So, you should definitely try to use them.

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