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Brittany Maynard Fulfills Another Dream Before Passing On

Brittany Maynard Fulfills Another One Of Her Dreams Before Passing On

(Photo : Reuters) Brittany Maynard and her family traveled to Grand Canyon to fulfill one of her dreams before she takes her own life

Brittany Maynard, the woman who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and given only  six months to live, was able to  fulfill another one of her dreams before passing on when she and her family visited the Grand Canyon this week.

Maynard has been checking on items on her bucket list with the help of kind donors who have made  her dreams come true.

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Maynard has made a heartbreaking decision to  take her own life on November 1 by ingesting pills, with her family right beside her.

The 29-year old woman has launched a campaign, the Brittany Maynard Fund,  that fights for the right of terminally ill patients to die with dignity.

Despite her illness, Maynard has been calling on the state legislature to expand the laws on dying with dignity across America.

Since the diagnosis, she has traveled to Alaska and the Yellow National Park with her loved ones but always expressed her desire to visit the Grand Canyon.

"Before I pass, I'm hoping to make it to the Grand Canyon 'cause I've never been," she says in a video that launched her campaign.

Brittany traveled with her family to Grand Canyon this week and thanked kind Americans across the country who came forward to help her realize her dreams.

Brittany wrote a note on the Brittany Maynard Fund website thanking all those who supported her cause and helped make her dreams a reality.

Maynard said she enjoyed Grand Canyon immensely, saying that it was breathtakingly beautiful. She said she was able to enjoy her time with the two things she loved most -- family and nature.

Brittany said after all those good times she spent traveling, sadly, it is impossible to forget her cancer.

She said she still suffers severe headaches and neck pain and the seizures were the worst thus far.

The young woman said her worst symptoms are coming out with her speech being paralyzed for a while.

In a statement, Brittany said the seizures were part of the symptoms that continue to worsen as the tumor runs its course.

Maynard has made the heartbreaking decision to end her life on November 1, a day after her husband's birthday so she could celebrate with him.

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