Updated 8:44 AM EDT, Wed, Aug 18, 2021

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Angry Chinese Xbox Gamers Accuse Microsoft of False Advertising


(Photo : bidnessetc) Xbox One in China was advertised to include BesTV, but was never included and has yet to be added to the console.

Microsoft's Xbox One was the first video game console launched in China since Sony's PlayStation 2 in 2004. But Chinese consumers who purchased the Xbox One are accusing the company of false advertising and have been attempting to return their systems.

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According to Tech in Asia, the Xbox One in China was advertised to include BesTV, which is a video-steaming service and subsidiary of Shanghai Media Group. But it was never included and has yet to be added to the console.

Chinese consumers are citing the official Microsoft Weibo announcement that was posted just before the console's September release, which described new consoles coming with the HD video streaming service.

According to the Microsoft announcement, the BesTV service was also supposed to include "domestic and international blockbusters, with two movies free to watch each month." 

Consumers then reportedly attempted to return their consoles to multiple retailers claiming Microsoft used false advertising. But to the dismay of many, consumers weren't able to make returns unless the console was purchased within seven days or had problems with its hardware.

However, the issue has attracted the attention of Microsoft however, as the company recently announced it's currently collaborating with BesTV to intensify preparations in an effort to release the streaming service as soon as possible.

As a gesture of good faith, Microsoft will glve Xbox One users free BesTV memberships. Anyone who purchased the console before Oct. 10 will get six months of free video streaming, and those who purchased after the date will be getting three months of the service for free.

This wouldn't be the first time Chinese consumers were disappointed with certain aspects of the Xbox One. A lot of controversy sparked in China when Microsoft said it would raise its console price to $600. And to make matters worse, there were certain restrictions that essentially made it impossible to sell used games.

However, Microsoft has the luxury of being the only company to officially launch a game console in China within the last 10 years, so the tech giant still has some breathing room to turn its success in China around. 

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