Updated 8:44 AM EDT, Wed, Aug 18, 2021

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Man Murders Daughter and Posts Pictures on Facebook

Angel Manliclic Dead On Facebook

A screen caption of the Facebook photo of Angel Manliclic's dead body.

Angel Manliclic

Angel Manliclic, age 7, found dead Tuesday morning.

Mark Alvin Manliclic

The suspect and father Mark Alvin Manliclic as arrested by authorities.

Police in Manila, Philippines arrested a man who allegedly stabbed his seven year-old daughter to death and then posted pictures of the girl's body on Facebook.

The arrest of Mark Alvin Manliclic, 31, was made early morning Tuesday according to authorities. Manliclic quickly confessed to the murder but could not state a clear motive for the deed.

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During the ensuing police investigation however, it became clear that Manliclic had been engaged in a fight via Facebook messages with his wife Cathy, based in Canada, the night before.

As the wife was temporarily unable to reply to some of his messages, Manliclic reportedly threatened their daughter Angel's life if she would not return to the Philippines immediately.

Manliclic then repeatedly stabbed his daughter Angel, took a picture of the girl's bloodied body with her throat visibly cut, and posted as his profile picture on Facebook.

This was reportedly done in an attempt to illicit a reaction from his estranged wife. The picture was deleted later that day.

Other reports indicate that a video of the murder may also have been uploaded onto Facebook but are still unconfirmed.

The reason for the argument has been reported as the suspect's unhappiness over his wife's work abroad for the past three months, specifically the accusation that his wife initially hid from him plans of working in Canada.

The murder took place in their family home in Quezon City, Metro Manila, around 3 am Tuesday according to official reports.

Manliclic, currently unemployed, reportedly confessed to having been intoxicated during the time of the murder, having consumed at least one bottle of beer hours before. Police are currently also running tests to see if there was any drug use involved.

According to the suspect, he had attempted suicide just three days prior to the murder, but was stopped by his daughter.

When asked why he killed his daughter, Manliclic claims he does not recall the act itself, only the sight of blood oozing from his daughter's neck.

After which, Manliclic sought out his aunt, Vilma Villajuan, living nearby, waking them up to tell them what happened. The relatives later were the first to report the murder to the police.

According to reports by Insp. Elmer Monsalve, homicide section chief, the girl had been repeatedly stabbed in her neck, once in her abdomen, and once in the back. When police arrived at the scene, the picture of the body had already been uploaded to Facebook on the nearby family computer and a chat window was open to Manliclic's mother in the US, where he confessed to the crime.

Crime scene investigators later recovered the kitchen knife used in the killing and a pair of short pants with blood stains on the left pocket.

The police said Manliclic is currently in custody awaiting charges of murder and filicide.

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