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Why Jackie Chan Didn't Show Up At Son's Trial

Jackie Chan

(Photo : Phil McCarten) Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan poses during a promotional event for his film "Chinese Zodiac" in Beverly Hills, California October 16, 2013. Hong Kong martial arts film star Chan, 59, who declared last year at France's Cannes film festival that he was retiring from action films, now says that after more than a decade of contemplating quitting, he is going to let his body decide. As Chan starts to enter his twilight years he laments how Hollywood typecasting may force him to begin using a stunt double for his acrobatic scenes as he believes Hollywood studios would never cast him in dramatic roles. Picture taken October 16, 2013. To match story PEOPLE-JACKIECHAN/ REUTERS/Phil McCarten (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT PROFILE)

Hong Kong based actor Jaycee Chan just got sentenced to serve 6 months in jail on January 9 for drug offenses while his parents, famous martial arts actor Jackie Chan and Joan Lin weren't  able to attend his court hearing because they both were busy.

Jackie Chan was not able to make it on his son's court date since he got tied up from his work although he was in Beijing. His wife also found it inconvenient to fly all the way to China from Hong Kong for the hearing so Jaycee was left there without his parents, but with a representative from his management company.

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One of Jaycee's friends Eric Tsang, told the press that Joan misses her son so much, but the travel was just a huge thing as of the moment for her. Tsang even said that Jaycee's mom writes to him everyday and is waiting for him to read the letters once he is out of prison.

Meanwhile, Jackie wishes his son to learn the value of his life from this experience and he also said that it is good that Jaycee did find a good use for his time while he was on prison and that's he's been reading a lot of books.

After being arrested in August 2014 in Beijing due to possession of marijuana, Jackie Chan's son was held in prison in China for 148 days before his final trial on January 9. More than 100 grams of illegal drugs were found inside his residence in Beijing during his arrest, which lead him for charges including drug consumption and drug trafficking.

The 32-year-old son of Jackie Chan spent the holidays in prison and even his birthday without anyone visiting him at all, because the judge that time didn't allow him to. He was said to have read 100 books while in prison.

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