Updated 8:47 AM EST, Fri, Mar 05, 2021

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Upgraded Google Translate can Translate on the Fly

Google Translate

(Photo : Google Translate

Google is planning to revamp the Google Translate mobile app to speed it up.

Google is set to release an updated version of  the Translate app for Android. The update will facilitate automatic recognition of speech in popular languages and will change speech into text.

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The upcoming version of its translation app will be able to deliver delay-free, "near perfect" translations, something few apps currently offer.

Users merely have to have the app running and hold up their smartphone to the person speaking. The app automatically detects the speech and translates it on the fly. Then, it shows the end results right on the device's screen.

It's an important step towards the kind of spontaneous translation science fiction shows such as Star Trek with its Universal Translator have promised for decades.

In addition, Google is also planning to release a service that will enable users to hold their phones up to a foreign street sign and create an automatic translation on the screen.

There will also be updates to the Google Now code. The new Now will have a bunch of potential features like spoken notifications for when you're driving.

Google is also thinking of letting third-party apps have their own cards in Google Now, so you can have Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram alerts in your Google Now stream.

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