Updated 9:12 AM EST, Tue, Jan 05, 2021

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Vimeo Teams Up with Disney's Maker Studios for YouTube Creators to Get Paid

Calling all budding filmmakers and even the professional ones, Disney's Maker Studios just recently made a deal with online video publishing company Vimeo for YouTube creators to make money outside YouTube.

The partnership, made with Vimeo and Maker Studios, has just opened more doors for Maker's network that have now reached 55,000 to have contents distributed via Vimeo's paid video-on-demand feature. It is also part of their deal to have Vimeo fund and publish original materials from Maker creators using exclusive windows via the Vimeo On Demand platform this 2015.

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According to Vimeo's General Manager Greg Clayman, so far, YouTube creators have been making money through ads. This allows Maker Studios go to their creators to go ahead and choose to window content or distribute original materials, in addition free, ad-free supported video.

Maker's chief strategy officer Courtney Holt said that their company is always excited to produce original materials that reach audiences across platforms, and Vimeo will be a great partner to distribute new ideas.

On the other hand, Vimeo, too, has worked with YouTube creators to expand new ways to monetize original materials, Clayman added.

When it comes to Vimeo's investment in a specific content, Clayman said that there are a few possibilities, but they have not done anything official as of the moment regarding that subject just yet. Their network has a lot of talented people and Maker Studios has a huge reach when it comes to content promotion, across their network and so far, that alone could open doors to creators.

Meanwhile, YouTubers should like the fact that another company is interested to give them an exclusive deal to make money from their creations. It is none other than Vessel. A company founded by Jason Kilar who used to be Hulu's CEO.

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