Updated 8:47 AM EST, Fri, Mar 05, 2021

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Andy Lau, Li Yuchun and G.E.M. Tang to Show 2015 CCTV Spring Festival Gala

It was revealed that Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Lau, Chinese Pop singer Li Yuchun, and Hong Kong singer G.E.M Tang will be joining China Central Television (CCTV) Spring Festival Gala this year.

According to CCTV's official star list for the gala, Andy Lau, Han Lei, Na Ying, Zhang Kaili, Li Yuchun, Deng Ziqi (G.E.M. Tang) are on the list, and the last two on the list Li and G.E.M. will be first time to show on the gala.

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In CCTV spring festival's history, Andy Lau is one of Hong Kong stars who perform the most. In 1992, Lau sang the song "Xin Zhong Chang Zhu Fang Hua" with singers Mao A Min and Tom Zhang Yu Sheng. The song "Residents of water" Lau sang on 1995 spring festival gala has still been the classical pop song up to now. In 1998, Lau, Jeff Chang Shin-Che, and Mao Ning co-sang "Great China". Lau participated in the lyrics writing for the song "Gong Xi Fa Cai", which he performed in 2005's gala. Ten years later, in the coming year of Sheep, Lau is set to return to the spring festival gala on CCTV although which song he will perform is not yet published.

Comparing to Lau, the old friend of CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Li Yuchun and G.E.M.'s first performance on the gala are also highly anticipated. Li was reportedly to sing a new-edited Chinese-style song, but Li only said "possibly" in response to the report. G.E.M. who has earned lots of fans supports in mainland China after her participation in the second season of "I Am A Singer", will take time off her world tour for the gala show.

CCTV also revealed that EXO's estranged members Kris Wu and Luhan and Hong Kong pop singer-actor William Chan will be performing on the gala as well.

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