Updated 8:44 AM EDT, Wed, Aug 18, 2021

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FBI Looking to Legalize VPN and Tor Network Hacks


European authorities have convicted two hackers on the presumption they work for Lizard Squad.

The FBI is at it again. After failing to remove encryption from U.S. citizens' smartphones, it is now looking for a change in federal law to essentially attack anyone using Tor network or VPN solutions.

Known as "fishing expeditions", the new move looks to change Federal Rule 41(b), which would allow the FBI to obtain an electronic warrant on a citizen without any questions on the who, what, when, where and why.

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The FBI would employ malware based attacks to essentially hack citizens, allowing them to see all types of information. The classic "if you've got nothing to hide you don't need to be afraid" approach is being used by the bureau, despite breaking the Fourth Amendment.

Current limitations on Federal Law 41(b) force the FBI to name the exact citizen being electronically searched, show probable cause for search, along with other essential information—this is apparently too much for the FBI.

Forget the fact the FBI and NSA have repeatedly said they are not against Tor network and VPN services; this is an attack on basic privacy rights in the U.S., which have been guarded for more than three centuries.

The massive growth in the Internet has allowed agencies like the NSA and FBI to scrap the Constitution, employing mass surveillance through illegal means if they cannot get government and Congress approval.

As the FBI attempts to change the law, the UK is also pushing for more surveillance on encryption and communications, using the attacks on Charlie Hebdo as a catalyst for further "Counter-Terrorism" measures.  

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