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Sex Toy Instructor and 'Pleasure Activist' Also Teachers of Planned Parenthood at California High School

Sex Toy Store

(Photo : REUTERS/Tobias Schwarz) An illuminated dildo sits on top of a cash register at a sex toy booth during the opening day of the 16th "Venus" erotic fair in Berlin October 18, 2012.

California parents are protesting not only the inclusion of Planned Parenthood in the curriculum of their children enrolled at a California high school but also the employment of two teachers who handle that topic.

It turned out that the two have other jobs that the parents fear would influence the way they teach Planned Parenthood by encouraging their kids to indulge in sex, reports Daily Mail.

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The parents found out about the side jobs after the school entered into a partnership with Planned Parenthood.

The two teachers are employed by Acalanes Union High School in Lafayette. One of them also teaches how to use sex toys at a store named Good Vibrations in Berkeley, while the other mentioned in her tweet that she is a "pleasure activist" who will attend a sexuality conference titled CatalystCon.

According to Fox News, the conference has stakeholders of the porn industry as attendees, and it features workshops and panel discussions on topics such as the history of sex toys and how to effectively share sex life on the stage and social media sites.

Because of the furor raised by the parents, the two have quit their teaching positions at Acalanes, said Brad Dacus from the Pacific Justice Institute, a conservative legal group with whom the California parents partnered in their bid for a new sex education curriculum.

Dacus, however, noted that the school has not disclosed who will replace the two teachers, which he finds as an indication of its lack of accountability.

Acalanes defended its use of Planned Parenthood.

"The instruction is age-appropriate using objective and medically accurate information," Acalanes said in a statement. "The value of abstinence is emphasized as it is identified as the only certain way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection."

Acalanes added that parents are informed ahead of the presentation, the topic and the teacher. They can also choose to pull out their children from the subject, the school said.

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