12/03/2021 04:40:31 pm

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GSK Exec’s Sex Video Deepens Bribery Probe


(Photo : GSK company logo.

Investigators looking into bribery allegations against British drug maker GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) last year have come across a sex video of China executive Mark Reilly with a female companion at home.

A source familiar with the content of the video said the company considered it as a breach of security. Reilly had hired Shanghai-based private investigators Peter Humphrey and Yu Yinzeng to investigate the said breach, The Wall Street Journal relayed.

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Both investigators work for a company called ChinaWhys Co, which is run by Reilly's Chinese wife and a British national. The two were arrested last year in China in connection to illegal procurement of massive amount of personal information, according to official Chinese media.

Whether ChinaWhys work for GSK is yet to be confirmed. It is also not yet clear if Humphrey and Yu's arrests are connected with the bribery allegations, or how Reilly's video would affect the case.

British news firm The Sunday Times had first reported the content of the video, which appears to have been taken without Reilly's knowledge. The revelation has deeply affected GSK China's operations and the image of the whole industry as well.

In May, Chinese law enforcement accused Reilly of ordering his subordinates to bribe doctors and health care firms to give GSK China's sales a major boost. The British drug firm said some of its employees may have acted against China's laws but that they were cooperating in the probe.

Meanwhile, Reilly remains employed by GSK and has not been arrested.

Before the video was emailed to GSK, the company was looking into reports of corruption at its China operations. In January 2013, an anonymous source had alleged that the firm's China sales team bribed doctors with cash, dinners, trips, and other fees in exchange of prescribing their products.

As of now, the reason why the video was sent and the person who shot the video are still unknown. A source familiar with the content said Reilly was separated from his wife at the time the video was taken.

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