11/30/2021 01:56:41 pm

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Yu Zheng wants to revive Chinese film industry: my goal is to become another Ang Lee

Yu Zheng is currently one of the most popular screenwriters in China. He is known as "China's most expensive screenwriter". However he gets both praise and blame from the audience. Some people call him "Qipa", which means "crackpot" in English. On the one hand, in most TV series in which Yu Zheng is the screenwriter, the story are always bizarre, even a little absurd. As a result, Yu Zheng got titles as "Yu cheat sheet" or "Grandma Yu". On the other hand, the scripts written by Yu Zheng always get good television audience measurements.

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Yu Zheng's new film "the palace" is going to hit the big screens in Chinese Valentine's Day. The trailer of "the palace" was released at the Shanghai Film Festival yesterday. When being interviewed, Yu Zheng said: "I will say that only television personalities can shoot great movie."

When talking about his new film, Yu Zheng said: "First of all, this is my first time to be a scriptwriter for a movie. I attempt to try something new. Maybe the audience won't get used to it in the beginning. What they don't realize now is that I am doing something with a revolutionary significance. One day in the future, the audience will understand me."

As a screenwriter, Yu Zheng said production was done in order to better express what they write. Yu Zheng attaches great importance of the visual effects in movie shooting. He believes that good story can touch people, but stunning visual effects are more impressive. In addition to writing, he will stay in the studio most of the time, ensuring every detail is rendered according to his own ideas.

Yu Zheng said: "A director once told me, there are no difference between commercial films or artistic films. If your film is good enough, it surely has commercial value; but if the film isn't good, how come it embodies the artistic value? My goal is to become another Ang Lee. I have a dream, I want to revive Chinese film industry, let Chinese film become a popular trend all over the world."

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