Updated 8:47 AM EST, Fri, Mar 05, 2021

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Scientists Discover How to Stop Common Cold with Hidden Genetic Code

Common cold

(Photo : Wikimedia) Common cold symptoms include runny nose, itchy or sore throat, cough and sneezing.

A billion people experience the common cold every year and there's still no available cure for the virus.

A new discovery reveals there could be finally a cure to this ancient rhinovirus and other viruses associated with it.

Scientists from the University of Leeds and University of York have apparently found an ingenious way to stop the cold virus from forming, ultimately preventing the disease.

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This medical breakthrough can lead the way for a cure for the rhinovirus that's responsible for the common cold and billions of infections every year, including other viruses similar to it such as the tick-borne encephalitis.

This discovery focuses on a specific code that makes it possible for viruses to assemble and replicate.

According to Peter Stockley from the University of Leeds, if this is the equivalent of molecular warfare, these encrypted signals of the virus allow it to deploy itself efficiently and effectively.

For this whole class of viruses, the team has already found the "Enigma Machine", which is a distinct coding system whose signals are hidden from scientists. Stockley said the team has already deciphered this code and can read the messages and jam them to stop the deployment of the virus.

According to Roman Tuma, a biophysicist from the University of Leeds, scientists for decades understood the RNA that carries genetic code to create viral proteins. This study reveals that hidden within the stream of letters utilized to decode genetic data, lies a second code that operates the virus assembly.

This study demonstrates how scientists can design molecules that can stop the code by making it uninterpretable, thus effectively halting the formation of the virus.

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