12/03/2021 04:41:44 pm

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New Cybersecurity Bill Approved by Senate Committee; More Data for NSA?

Cybersecurity Bill Approved by Senate Committee; NSA Stocks Up On American Data

The Senate Intelligence Committee has agreed to adopt a cybersecurity bill that will further increase the National Security Agency's access on data about the American people.

Out of 15 members, 12 voted to have the bill approved.

However, critics have asserted that passing the bill on to the full Senate may not guarantee a total implementation. The criticism may be attributed to the controversies relating to surveillance and privacy.

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Nonetheless, previous and current NSA directors are looking into the pros of the said bill, which include learning how to ensure private organizations will be made less exposed to online sabotage and regularly preventing data infiltration.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairperson Dianne Feinstein declared how this new cybersecurity bill would eliminate legal barriers that impede companies from conducting real-time information sharing. It could also be used to prevent cyber-attacks.

On the other hand, civil libertarians contend that the bill would allow the NSA to gain excessive privileges over a substantial amount of data. They have also emphasized the need for clear privacy guidelines in managing such data.

A draft of the cybersecurity bill was made public last June, allowing government agencies to exchange, save, and utilize information to address cybersecurity threats and reduce security vulnerability. Taking legal action against participating organizations will also be prevented.

According to Feinstein, it remains a key priority for the government and the private sector to exchange and make use of relevant information, including security-related data. She also stressed that sharing information will always remain voluntary and that strict measures are to be carried out for privacy protection.

Supporters of digital rights have warned that such bill would give NSA, and the government increased access to not only information on cyber threats. It may generate a new possibility for vast governmental access to Americans' data despite the Congress and the current administration promising to restrict NSA's data collection.

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