Updated 8:44 AM EDT, Wed, Aug 18, 2021

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You Can Only Watch This TV if You're Smiling

Smile TV

Artist David Hedberg brings an amazing product to you -- Smile TV.

This TV continues to show content as long as the viewer flashes a smile. Hence, instead of smiling in response to what you see, you have to smile in order to see anything.

There is a camera located at the base of the TV right behind the logo of Smile TV. This camera observes the facial expressions of the viewer, and the moment a smile fades from the viewer's face the TV slips into static mode.

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The TV comes packed with a number of funny, silly and light-hearted clips such as animal videos, wrestling matches, kung-fu. It also has a sequence from the classic musical, "Sound of Music." 

Hedberg participated in this year's "Show RCA" with his Smile TV. RCA or the Royal College of Art is a university located in London that specializes in art and design.

His creation was also a part of "Future Room," or a unique kind of exhibition showcasing some of the most creative design talents from across the world.

While Smile TV is based on a unique concept, it can also help boost the spirits of viewers. Since the viewer will be compelled to watch the TV by smiling constantly, Smile TV should have a positive effect on his emotional health.

"This TV installation elaborates with facial recognition technology and a last-decade TV set to reconsider viewers' engagement and how content is accessed," Hedberg said.

"It only works if we smile." 

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