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HBO Documentary Reveals Why Tom Cruise And John Travolta Can’t Leave Scientology

Tom Cruise

(Photo : Reuters)

An HBO documentary and an adaptation of Wright's book titled "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief" reveals the main reason why Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and John Travolta cannot leave Scientology, Business Insider reported.

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As suggested by the film, Cruise and Travolta cannot leave Scientology because of the church's capacity to reveal all of their darkest and deepest confessions. Director Alex Gibney on the other hand thinks that the two A-list celebrities should reconsider their involvement with Scientology because of the various alleged abuses on its fellow members.

Spanky Taylor, one of Travolta's closest friends, even seek the actors help during her bout with abuse to no avail.

According to Yahoo Celebrity, in the HBO documentary film, it also suggested that even Cruise has ignored the plea of SEA ORGANIZATION, the religion's clergy, citing various instances where they signed billions of contracts only to be paid with 40 cents an hour.

Cruise has been allegedly receiving extravagant gifts from the church such as airplane hangars and luxury limousines, all at the expense of Sea Org members. Scientology performs audits on its members and this is where they get all the information from their A-list members. This type of auditing which involves everything that is happening in their lives is their form of spiritual counseling.

Scientology was also been cited as the cause of Nicole Kidman and Cruise separation, even suggesting to their adoptive children that Kidman is a "Suppressive Person." There was also an alleged phone tapping on Kidman's phone in order for Cruise to have reasons to end their relationship.

New York Times "Time Talk" featured a talk about these issues along with Gibney, Wright and former Scientology member Mike Rinder. Following this, a representative of Scientology denied all the allegations, dubbing it as "utterly ludicrous" and "insulting." A statement from Cruise and Travolta's camp is not available at the time.

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