Updated 8:44 AM EDT, Wed, Aug 18, 2021

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Jackie Chan Admits to Throwing Money Around and Having a Drinking Habit

Jackie Chan's autobiography, entitled "Jackie Chan: Got Old Before Growing Up" has just recently been released and in it he shared his 61 years of experience including his unexpected burst to fame and the mistakes he learned as a young man.

Widely known around the world as a comedian and a martial arts star, Jackie made his debut in the 1978 movies "Drunken Master" and "Snake in the Eagle's Shadow," which were both released when he was just 24 years old. In his book, the "Rush Hour" star admitted that he earned his millions overnight and ended up throwing his money around and spending it like water. 

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Describing himself as a "rustic" person, he shared that he never did a lot of studying and suddenly found himself with 10 million HKD to spend. "I was itching to buy everything that I had ever wanted in one week alone."

Sharing an example, the actor said that he walked into a watch store and had $500,000 HKD in cash in his pocket. After learning which watches were the most expensive and which ones had the most diamonds, he walked out with seven new luxury watches.

He also divulged his drinking habit and revealed that he drove while under the influence of alcohol during his younger years. In fact, he said that when he was interviewed by the media, it was usually after he's had something to drink.

Jackie recalled a time when paparazzi flocked to him with their cameras. He said that he called up several members of his stunt team and told them to remove their jackets and cover his car's plate, then he threatened the photographers by saying that he would hit them every time they take a picture of him. Looking back, he said, he realized that he was very unlikeable and aggressive.

He credits his current values though to his experiences in the past. Now, thankful that he's learned from them, he expressed his desire to become more active in charity work and be a part of more meaningful ventures.

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