12/03/2021 06:42:04 pm

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Kai Ko Rumored To Be Dating Renee Of 'University'

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko was seen hanging out with his alleged new love interest, who was identified as Dong Mengzhu, more popular known as Renee from the variety program "University."

Rumors which claimed that Kai Ko is dating Dream Girls member Tia Li began circulating through different media platforms recently, but were immediately dismissed by Li who claimed that she and the actor are "just friends."

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Following the news, the 23-year old actor was allegedly seen with Renee on several occasions, leading to speculations that she is Ko's new love interest.

On May 2, a local tabloid released a story which claimed that Kai Ko and Renee hung out at a bar and, despite being surrounded with many people, allegedly interacted with each other in an intimate manner, according to reports by Toggle.

Moreover, on May 1, Friday, Kai Ko was photographed with the University star and reports claimed that the pair were on their way to watch a romantic play together.

However, right after the photos as well as the article were released, Kai Ko immediately dismissed the claims through a Facebook post where he explained that he merely went to watch the play to support his friend, Marcus Chang, who starred in it.

Coincidentally, Renee, born Dong Mengzhu, also addressed the issue in the same manner, stating that she watched the play to show her support for actress Bebe Chang.

However, due to their coincidental messages, netizens just became more suspicious of the pair with some speculating that Kai Ko and Renee are more than friends.

While an unnamed source close to the pair stated that Kai Ko and Renee are getting along fine and attending functions together, Ko's manager opposed the rumors, telling the media that the actor has not mentioned Renee. However, he confirmed that they watched the play together.

Another representative of the actor posted a message on Facebook which explains that Kai Ko and Renee only met a few times and it had been in the presence of their other mutual friends.

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